Los Angeles Food & Drink

kawaba rice ball west hollywood

LOS ANGELES | Kawaba Rice Ball is a little store on Melrose that specialises in, you guessed it, rice balls. Onigiri or musubi, as they’re known in Japan, are balls or triangles of rice filled a range of different ingredients, and sometimes covered with nori (seaweed). They’re a very popular

tatsu ramen west hollywood

LOS ANGELES | Tatsu Ramen is a Melrose Ramen joint by Ryu Isobe, his second after the Tatsu on Sawtelle Boulevard. The interior is modern, bright and spacious, and feels very Japanese – clean lines, communal wooden tables, stools at the open kitchen, an a feature roof which resembles origami.

spring st. bar downtown los angeles

LOS ANGELES | Spring St. Bar is located in the historic part of Downtown Los Angeles and brings a New York deli vibe to the area. The place is narrow, with a long bar extending along much of the interior and a mini patio for when you want to sit

village idiot west hollywood

LOS ANGELES | Village Idiot Melrose is a place that, as the name suggests, doesn’t take itself too seriously. What it does take seriously though are the food and drinks that it serves. It’s a large gastropub with a decidedly British angle but don’t come here expecting some sort of

haché la silver lake

LOS ANGELES | Haché LA is a Silver Lake, French inspired burger joint that focuses on burgers that use sirloin steak patties that are ground, seasoned and cooked to order. Owner Michael Schepers claims that this guarantees ultimate freshness, and that you can taste the difference. No blends, no offcuts,

woodcat coffee bar

LOS ANGELES | Woodcat Coffee Bar is a fantastic Echo Park neighbourhood spot for those looking for a caffeine fix and a small bite to eat. Beans come from San Francisco roasters Wrecking Ball Coffee and all of the main styles of brewing that are popular in town are available.

little bear downtown los angeles

LOS ANGELES | Little Bear in the Arts District of Downtown LA is owner Andre Guerrero’s homage to the drinks and food of Belgium. The toy factory that used to be housed in this old warehouse has been converted into lofts and the inside of Little Bear is bright and

alfred coffee kitchen silverlake

LOS ANGELES | Alfred Coffee & Kitchen opened on Melrose Place in 2013 and today have six locations across LA. It’s is one of the best places in town to get you caffeine fix, with quality coffee beans from Portland roasters Stumptown used in the brews. Baristas are outfitted in

baco mercat downtown los angeles

LOS ANGELES | There are many good reasons why Downtown’s Bäco Mercat was voted the 9th best restaurant in American by Bon Apetit in 2012. The chef driven, unpretentious eatery from Josef Centeno quite simply nails all of the things that are important. The former office space is small and relaxed,

bestia downtown los angeles

LOS ANGELES | Bestia was one of the hottest restaurants in town when it opened in 2013, and while its still busy and still great, it’s thankfully not as hard to get into these days as it used to be. Why all the hype? Because Bestia is one of the