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shifty's fitzroy

MELBOURNE | The Shifty’s is the current incarnation of the venue formerly known as Shifty Chev. New owners were the reason behind the name change, and while the focus isn’t quite as cheesy as it used to be, cheese still plays a big part at the refreshed Shifty’s. It’s a

best new melbourne restaurants

MELBOURNE | As the year draws to and end, the time has come for us to put together our list of the best new Melbourne restaurants of 2017. Melbourne has always had a reputation within Australia as one of the best food cities in the world, and 2017 was the

industry beans melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Industry Beans is one of our favourite places in Melbourne for coffee and brunch, and has been consistently for many years. Their food is tasty, fresh and creative, and the coffee that they roast on site in Fitzroy is always outstanding. After a few years in Fitzroy, they’ve

sandy v's collingwood

MELBOURNE | The Sandy V’s is a small bar we discovered when walking up Smith Street in Fitzroy the other day that we’d like to tell you more about, but to be honest it’s all a bit of a mystery. Look it up online and there’s no info apart from

home brewing brewart

This post was sponsored by BrewArt. Click here to read The City Lane’s policy on sponsored content. MELBOURNE | The City Lane was recently invited to an event at Collingwood new and second hand vinyl music store Dutch Vinyl to learn more about BrewArt. BrewArt has been touted by it

yokocho melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Yokocho is a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne that aims to capture some of the spirit of the izakayas and sushi bars of Japan. Yokocho translates as “food alleyway”, intimate spaces in Japan lined with small, busy food venues, filled with salarymen and women getting their after work yakitori,

MELBOURNE | The Rice Paper Sister is the newer, more “refined” version of Fitzroy and CBD favourite Rice Paper Scissors from owners Rahmie Clowes and Shane Stafford, and in the few months its been open has already impressed a lot of people. We’ve been meaning to check it out for

best new melbourne bars 2017

MELBOURNE | Dunning Kruger is a small bar that’s opened where “Sam’s” fruit and veg hole in the wall store used to be on Lygon Street and Brunswick East, and sees the space transformed into something very different. The name, if you were wondering, isn’t that of one of the

merah northcote

MELBOURNE | Merah is a new Malaysian restaurant in Northcote, and sees owners Aline Viravouth and Marcel Nantharath (Nasi Lemak House in Carlton) put a contemporary spin on classic Malaysian dishes. When you walk inside you find an interior that is in line with the ethos of the food. The

cafe latte toorak

MELBOURNE | Celebrating 25 years in the restaurant industry, Cafe Latte successfully embodies traditionalism merging with progressive modernism. Since its inception in 1991 as a casual café serving coffee, breakfast and lunch, it has continued to keep up with the constantly changing trends of the Melbourne hospitality scene, eventually becoming