A selection of recipes to tantalise your taste-buds.
herb crusted whiting recipe

My grandfather loves fishing and one of my enduring childhood memories is going to my grandparent’s house and eating pan fried fresh whiting with a simple breadcrumb coating. Inspired by this, we’ve created a herb crusted whiting recipe which adds a bit of a flavour boost while upping the healthiness

rustic chicken soup recipe

Everyone has their own version of a rustic chicken soup recipe. There’s no nonsense here, just our version of a classic which will get you through any cold winter’s day. Healthy, warming and comforting. Preparation Time: 15 minutes          /          Cooking Time: 2 hours 

bay leaf, lemon curd and mascarpone parfait

I love experimenting with sweets and have mixed and match the components of my basic parfait recipe several times. One combination which was an absolute hit among friends when I made it was this bay leaf, lemon curd and mascarpone parfait recipe. The bay leaf adds a depth of flavour

classic garlic bread recipe

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good garlic bread recipe. It’s a simple, guilty pleasure that many of us like to indulge. The simple combination of butter, crushed garlic, parsley and salt, generously lathered atop a good quality slice of crusty bread is unbeatable. We’ve experimented with a few combinations

beetroot deviled eggs recipe

We love devilled eggs and have tried a few versions recently. The most popular of these has been this beetroot deviled eggs recipe, which adds sharp tang and subtle sweetness to the egg whites. The vibrant purple colour makes for an eye catching twist too. Preparation Time: 20 minutes, plus

creamy preserved lemon pasta recipe

This creamy preserved lemon pasta recipe was something that I created on a Sunday night after neglecting the usual weekly grocery shop. I needed to come up with something quick and easy using only the basic ingredients that I keep in the pantry and fridge. After running through a few

chocolate peanut butter eggless cookie recipe

This chocolate peanut butter eggless cookie recipe is proof that vegan food can be both tasty and decadent. It works well as the carrots keep the cookie moist while the crunchy peanut butter adds texture. The use of a hot sugar mix balances the cookie by providing a slight toffee taste.

Bao Bun Burger recipe

The City Lane recently spoke to brothers Mike and Josh Greenfield about their new show Brother’s Green EATS!, which premieres worldwide on MTV this week. You can read the interview here and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try making this crazy New York City Chinatown inspired Bao Bun Burger that

mexican corn fritters recipe

It’s been a big few weeks at The City Lane with Melbourne’s Good Food & Wine month creating no shortage of opportunities to eat out. While the food and events have been amazing, we’ve tried to eat lighter options when at home to balance out all of the indulgence. Lauren

healthy breakfast panna cotta recipe

Yes, that’s right, panna cotta for breakfast… that’s also healthy! So many times when trying to lower the calorie content of a dish that’s normally high in calories, flavour is one of the things that’s sacrificed. This breakfast panna cotta recipe however manages to be low in fat and sugar but high in flavour.