miguel mastre churros con chocolate recipe

We recently attended a cooking demonstration by celebrity chef and Moro brand ambassador Miguel Mastre and were impressed at how easy he made cooking an array of Spanish dishes look. We wanted to share one of Miguel’s recipes with you and couldn’t go past the classic crowd pleaser, churros con

mango coconut ice-cream recipe equal next

Equal have released their new sweetener, Equal NEXT in Australia. As part of their “Sweeten Your Summer” campaign we’ve created a simple and refreshing tropical summer mango & coconut ice-cream recipe that’s sure to delight. Preparation Time: 5 minutes     /     Cooking Time:  10 minutes, plus 3 hours freezing

bay leaf, lemon curd and mascarpone parfait

I love experimenting with sweets and have mixed and match the components of my basic parfait recipe several times. One combination which was an absolute hit among friends when I made it was this bay leaf, lemon curd and mascarpone parfait recipe. The bay leaf adds a depth of flavour

chocolate peanut butter eggless cookie recipe

This chocolate peanut butter eggless cookie recipe is proof that vegan food can be both tasty and decadent. It works well as the carrots keep the cookie moist while the crunchy peanut butter adds texture. The use of a hot sugar mix balances the cookie by providing a slight toffee taste.

healthy breakfast panna cotta recipe

Yes, that’s right, panna cotta for breakfast… that’s also healthy! So many times when trying to lower the calorie content of a dish that’s normally high in calories, flavour is one of the things that’s sacrificed. This breakfast panna cotta recipe however manages to be low in fat and sugar but high in flavour.

traditional macedonian greek easter bread recipe

This recipe for Macedonian/Greek Easter Bread is a tradition that Lauren and I have both grown up with. With each new generation descended from immigrants, the culture, language and general link to the original immigrant culture weakens. One thing which tends to remain strong however is the link to the

decadent chocolate brownies recipe

We spend a lot of time creating new and interesting recipes at The City Lane that sometimes it’s easy to forget about the classics. Sure there’s no shortage or recipes for chocolate brownies, chicken soup or other staples however we think it would be remiss of us not to share

lemon myrtle semifreddo with candied rose petals recipe

The City Lane was invited to the launch of the Earth Hour cookbook “Planet To Plate” earlier this week, an excellent cookbook that combines great recipes with an in-depth look at the conservation and sustainability issues surrounding food and the effect of global warming on production of the key ingredients featured in the

yogurt buttermilk panna cotta

The City Lane attended the Myer Autumn Fashion Lunch last week (you can read about it here) and we were very impressed by the 3 course menu designed by Nicky Riemer from Richmond’s Union Dining. The dessert, a yoghurt buttermilk panna cotta topped with fresh raspberries was a highlight and

honey earl grey chocolate truffles recipe

Honey and Earl Grey tea work wonderfully together and these honey & Earl Grey chocolate truffles are delicious, easy way to enjoy the flavour combination. They might not be the healthiest thing on the planet but hey, Earl Grey tea + chocolate = a whole lot of antioxidants right? Preparation Time: