chocolate peanut butter eggless cookie recipe

This chocolate peanut butter eggless cookie recipe is proof that vegan food can be both tasty and decadent. It works well as the carrots keep the cookie moist while the crunchy peanut butter adds texture. The use of a hot sugar mix balances the cookie by providing a slight toffee taste.

mexican corn fritters recipe

It’s been a big few weeks at The City Lane with Melbourne’s Good Food & Wine month creating no shortage of opportunities to eat out. While the food and events have been amazing, we’ve tried to eat lighter options when at home to balance out all of the indulgence. Lauren

Hummus is such a simple thing to make that it seems crazy to call this basic hummus recipe a recipe. It might be simple, but there’s a lot of ideas around what should and shouldn’t form part of a basic hummus. Some think that olive oil shouldn’t form part of the

crispy brussels sprouts recipe

The City Lane was invited to The Noble Experiment a little while ago (you can read our thoughts here) and one of the stand out dishes that we sampled were head chef Cameron Bell’s Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Coconut, Lime and Caramel. We loved the way that Bell turned one

baked potato & thyme potato crisps

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy dish to serve your guests as a canapé at your next house party or simply want a healthier alternative to a good old fashioned packet of crisps/chips, This baked feta & thyme potato crisps recipe really hits the spot. They are super tasty,

peach coconut pistachio granola recipe

Needing to get to work early for my day job means that my usual Monday to Friday breakfast consists of some cereal at my desk. I’ve always got a rotating selection of cereals in the pantry and love trying new combinations. One of the challenges with cereal is that there’s

tangy vegetarian lentil salad recipe

After a week of several tasty but rich meal out and about, it was time to go for some lighter options. I’m of the opinion that when it comes to meat, it’s about quality not quantity and that it’s always good to mix in some vegetarian options with meant options.

mexican style pickled jalapenos recipe

Over the past few weeks, my chilli plants have been growing very well, especially the jalapeño peppers, which are growing faster than I can used them. The other day I harvested what was on the plants and spent some time trying to decide what to do with them. Cheesy fried jalapeño poppers

chilli blueberry plum sauce

Wondering what to do with those plums that are going soft towards the end of their life? How about making a chilli blueberry plum sauce? This recipe has the subtle flavour of blueberry added to it along with a decent chilli kick. A versatile sauce that works well as an

Pearl Barley & Whisky Butter Mushrooms Recipe

This recipe for pearl barley & whisky butter mushrooms will make the most hardened of carnivores question the idea that every meal requires a meat component. They taste great, have a good, dense texture to them and are really filling. You can eat a few of these as a main, or