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necropolis Naqsh-e Rustam

HASANABAD | If you’re going to be buried, one way to ensure that you’re remembered is to place your tomb inside a cliff and get some impressive designs carved into the side of the cliff. The Achaemenid kings must have had this in mind when deciding where they would be buried

black market currency dealing tehran iran

TEHRAN | On Manouchehri Alley, a main street in central Tehran that is lined with currency exchange and pawn shops, a group of men congregate in a public park. There’s a lot of shouting and commotion, and the scene is very lively. Scenes like this are common when you stumble across Iran’s

tomb of cyrus the great

PASARGADAE | In the middle of the Iranian desert in the ancient town of Pasardage, approximately 140km from Shiraz, you will find the Tomb of Cryus II aka Cyrus the Great. Cryus II was the first Iranian monarch to be bestowed the title “The Great” due to his conquering the

where to eat singapore food guide

SINGAPORE | It’s often said that Singaporeans have 2 pastimes – shopping and eating, and its true that there is no shortage of places to shop and eat in Singapore. Historically famous for its street food and hawker centres, Singapore has in more recent years become known for its fine

top 10 best hawker centre singapore street food

SINGAPORE | Singapore is famous for it hawker centres and street food and for good reason – it’s where you’ll find some of the best food in the world. Singapore might be a relatively new nation, but its food history is rich and varied, taking elements from its Chinese, Malay

Nasir ol Molk Pink Mosque

SHIRAZ | The Nasir ol Molk Mosque, or Pink Mosque as it’s colloquially referred to is one of the most beautiful buildings you’ve probably never heard of. Structurally the mosque, built between 1876 – 1888, is typical of the mosques built in Iran during the Qajar era. What makes it unique and

iran white chador varzaneh

VARZANEH | At The City Lane we’re always looking for off the beaten path experiences, things that you don’t normally find in the travel guides and while travelling through Iran we came across an article about the rural city of Varzaneh that fit the bill. The immediate striking thing about

KHARANAQ | In a world with a rapidly growing population, we’re always hearing stories about cities growing faster than anticipated, cities becoming more densely populated, cities becoming more hectic. It’s a common story around the world. How is it then, that there can be cities that decline in population? There

craft beer kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK | The craft beer scene in Asia isn’t exactly overwhelming. There’s Japan which has many fantastic breweries, and places like Taiwan and South Korea which are starting to develop great brewing scenes however outside of that there really isn’t anything extraordinary. When it comes to Kyrgyzstan, well things are

travelling in iran a woman's perspective

The question of what it’s like to travel to Iran as a woman is something that I’ve been asked many times. Every time I’ve attempted to write this article I have struggled to find the words that express what Iran is truly like for a female tourist. In part, my