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PERSEPOLIS | Ask most people what they think when you say the word “Persepolis” and you’ll generally get one of 2 reactions. The respondent will either reply that they have never heard of the place, or will tell you that they know it is one of the most historical ancient sites

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HONG KONG | Coming from a Malaysian family, Chinese food is something that I grew up with and is a cuisine I have always eaten. As you can imagine, on my most recent trip to Hong Kong, which was kindly facilitated and sponsored by Cathay Pacific and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, I was very

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SINGAPORE | Little India is a unique part of Singapore, and there are many things to be found in the district that you won’t find elsewhere in the country in such abundance. The City Lane was invited to visit Singapore by Far East Hospitality Group (“FEH”) and, after a relaxing

persepolis heart of persian empire

The day is hot, very hot, and as I approach the ruins of Persepolis (Parsa), the capital of the once mighty ancient Persian Empire, I’m already working up a sweat. As the sun beats down, and I get closer to the ruins of this city which was founded in 515 BC

ancient persian wrestling varzesh-e bastany

YAZD | Before the Islamic Republic, before Islam in Iran, there was Varzesh-e-Bastani, the literal translation of which is “ancient sport”. This ancient Persian wrestling in on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and is an aspect of Persian culture that survives to this day, a source

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SINGAPORE | When The City Lane was invited to visit Singapore by Far East Hospitality, I did some research in order to learn more about the brand. I learned a lot about the company’s philosophy, corporate structure and all that jazz, but something I wasn’t expecting to be so interested

KASHAN | As I walk through the winding passageways of Kashan Bazaar in Iran I’m fascinated by the contrasts that I encounter at every corner. This must be a spice market I think to myself, but at the next turn it’s a textile market, then an electronics market, then a

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SINGAPORE | Changi Village. It’s a part of Singapore that visitors don’t know too much about, including the most seasoned of Singapore travellers. Despite having been to Singapore so many times that I’ve lost count, I too knew nothing about Changi Village until my most recent visit. Changi Village is

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TEHRAN | Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world, and easily one of the largest. Spread out over 20 square kilometres, the Grand Bazaar’s winding maze of corridors, alleyways, stairwells and hidden passages run for over 10 kilometres in length. Everything, and I mean

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TEHRAN | Tehran, Iran. What did I know about this city, or indeed this country’s food before I arrived? The honest answer is not that much. When I lived in London there was an Iranian sweet shop in West Kensington that I’d visited a few times so I knew that