Northern Europe

Tales, adventures and photography from Northern Europe.

On the Sunday, I did a Highlands tour. Since I was only up in Scotland for a short time and was by myself, I figured that a tour would be the best way to go. There was nothing wrong with the tour per se – it covered a large area

Over the Easter long weekend, I decided to head up to Scotland, basing myself out of Edinburgh. I will do another blog post with the other parts of Scotland next. So many people that I know were always going on about how Edinburgh was such a great city. I am

Today, I walked around The City of London, which is also known as ‘The Square Mile’ owing to the fact that its boundaries have remained the same since the Middle Ages, around one square mile. In Medieval times, the City was the entirety of London. Today, it is one of

Today was one of those days that just called to be taken off work, so I slept in, played some Xbox 360, then headed out for a wander. I was only going to pick up a few things from the shops but it ended up turning into a full blown

Four months late, but here are some photos from my visit to Liverpool back in September. Being from Australia, I found it fascinating that only 45 minutes from Manchester, one can be in a completely different city, where people have different accents and their own identity. In Australia, you’d still

About a 10 minute walk from my flat is Craven Cottage, home of Fulham Football Club. I decided to head down there during the Man Utd v Fulham match, which I unfortunately was unable to get a ticket to (although after seeing the result, perhaps it was best that I

This is somewhat of a mega post, covering three days in Manchester. I was debating whether to do one post or a few smaller ones, but meh, everyone has broadband these days so it should be ok. I didn’t really know what to expect from Manchester and came away very

I know it’s been forever since my last update, but life has a way of moving along at breakneck speed. Today’s update is from my trip down to Brighton. The town has a very different vibe to London and is much more laid back, as one would expect from a

Today’s walk starts on Mare Street, in Hackney. Hackney is in East London had has historically had a reputation as being a dangerous area with, for example, ‘Murder Mile’ being only a few minutes’ walk from the Burberry Outlet store which you will see later. As if often the case

Today’s post is a walk from Russell Square, down through Holborn into Covent Garden, through Chinatown and ending at Piccadilly Circus. Just outside Russell Square Underground station there are people in the morning and evening rush hour handing out free papers. They are very light on material and are primarily