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I had some time to spare after my walk down Beaufort Street so decided to take photos of parts of the CBD that I didn’t manage to cover the day before. Perth Railway station was built between 1883-84 and continues to serve as the city’s primary and largest railway station.

Beaufort Street is quite a long street in Perth that runs through several suburbs. My tour starts at the intersection of Walcott and Beaufort Street in the suburb of Mt Lawley, before heading south through the suburb of Highgate, and then Northbridge before we reach the end of the street

Today, I headed into the CBD to see what changes had occurred since I left Perth almost 2 years ago. I’m quite an avid follower of developments in Perth so knew about the majority of changes, but it’s completely different when you see them for yourself, and gauge how they

Today I quickly popped into Northbridge, which is many things as far as Perth goes. It is a restaurant and cafe area, a nightclub area, and in more recent times, an area where independent artists, designers etc. are encouraged to set up shop. This update is just a small one,

Looking back through my old photos, I am disappointed that I do not really have anything from my hometown to post on this blog. I did take a few photos of the University of Western Australia which I quite like, and they give a very quick glimpse of what is,

November 2009 rolled around and I was back in Melbourne once more. A free return flight so I wasn’t going pass up the opportunity! Not too many pics from this quick weekender, but a few new angles. I especially love the way the piture of the fountain at the front

I liked Melbourne so much that 6 months after my first adventure there, I was back again. This time, I had more time on my hands to really explore the city and get a feel for things. Photography was not a major concern of mine during my first trip, and

Melbourne’s reputation as a “food” city has grown enormously over the past decade. After travelling and seeing what other cities around the world have to offer, I can confirm that this reuptation is well deserved. Any cuisine you want from any culture in the world can be found in Melbourne.