bhoj docklands

MELBOURNE | Bhoj is a family-run restaurant specialising in authentic Indian cuisine, accompanied by breathtaking views of the harbour in Docklands. The venue looks and feels quite traditional with statues and religious decorations, but maintains a touch of western culture with some of the furnishings and interior design. Perusing the

bababoi kitchen bar docklands

MELBOURNE | Bababoi Kitchen & Bar is a Malaysian Nyonya restaurant located in Docklands, overlooking the riverside. Presenting modern Nyonyan cuisine through indigenous ingredients and Chinese cooking techniques, Bababoi offers a cultural experience unlike any other. For those who haven’t heard of Nyonyan cuisine, it is a fusion cuisine combining

Tukk & Co Docklands review

A common lament of people working in or visiting the Docklands precinct of Melbourne has been the ‘soulless’ feel of the area. Despite the opening of many large corporate offices in the area, the continual increase in the number of apartments being built, and the associated increase in people in the