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little goat diner west loop

CHICAGO | The West Loop is arguably one Chicago’s best neighborhoods for dining out. Stephanie Izard, former Top Chef winner is one of the reasons why West Randolph Avenue has been dubbed “restaurant row” in recent years. It seems that everything Izard touches to turns to gold. After great success

The final episode of 30 Rock aired on NBC last week, and with it, we say goodbye to a treasure-trove of witty (and not so witty) comedy and subtle (and not so subtle) pop culture references.  7 seasons and 137 episodes certainly wasn’t a bad effort for a show that,

Philadelphia’s Chinatown started its life in 1871, when Cantonese immigrant Lee Fong opened a Laundry at 913 Race Street.  Over the years, Chinatown grew to contain quite a large area until the 1960s, when construction works resulted in large parts of the area being demolished to construct the Vine Street

Philadelphia’s Old City is steeped in history.  It is the area where William Penn and the Quakers first settled. I had no idea that the city was so important in relation to the foundation of the United States, and that so many of the key events leading up to Independence occurred here. Independence

Philadelphia’s Midtown Village is the area between the Central Business District and the Old Town.  It’s contains a wide variety of buildings covering many centuries and architectural styles. Walking through Midtown Village, I started to learn just how important this city was to the United States. Pennsylvania Hospital was the first hospital

South Street Philadelphia is an artistic, bohemian part of the city, and you can very easily tell when you have left the Central Business District and entered this artistic district. Something that was very noticeable in Philadelphia in general, but especially on South Street was the abundance of tiled murals.

The decision to go to Philadelphia was made simply on the basis that it was the cheapest city to get to by train from New York that we could do a day trip to. Not knowing what to expect, and having done basically no research, my fiancée and I got onto the

I almost considered not walking across the bridge because, for lack of a good reason to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered and didn’t think it would add anything particularly special to my New York experience. I was wrong, and am very glad that I did cross the bridge

After a morning of exploring Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights, and doing some various bits and bobs, my fiancée and I walked over to Chelsea and checked out the New York High Line, which was one of the highlights of my trip. The High Line is a 21km (13mi) rail

Today, I decided to explore a different part of Brooklyn. In my mind, Brooklyn was supposed to be gritty and industrial (well formerly industrial to an extent I suppose these days), however I was completely unaware of the more “upmarket” part of Brooklyn. Around the Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill