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Paul Kristoff (Editor In Chief)

paul kristoff gravatarPaul founded The City Lane back in 2009 as a place to share photos of his travels around Europe with friends and family. The City Lane might have changed quite a lot since those early days but one thing that’s remained constant is Paul’s passion for food, travel and culture, and a desire to photograph and write about his experiences.

Paul has a strong inquisitive nature that drives him to look beneath the surface in order to discover what really makes a city and its people tick, and what better way to do this than over a good meal or drink, with a city’s locals, at places that people who live in that city actually frequent. Paul is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast that may or may not actually be about beer.

Lauren Kristoff (Contributor, Melbourne)

laurenprofileLauren has travelled extensively, allowing her to experience different cultures around the world. This has fed her desire to travel and try as many cuisines as possible.

Lauren’s appreciation for food is grounded in the philosophy that food has a unique way of telling a story about family, friends or struggles. She believes food is a way of preserving culture and the stories of the people behind them. This has inspired her to create recipes and design events that ensure food from different cultures is accessible at home.


Chris Shorten (Contributor, Melbourne)

DSCF6867Chris is an editor, writer, and occasional novelist who in a former life published online magazines for a living while working out of obscure coffee shops. He has travelled extensively and has eaten and enjoyed exotic delights ranging from instant ‘just add water’ potatoes while on a Russian train to snails and Brie from a tiny Montreal kitchen.

Chris is a great lover of the experiences around and associated with food and believes the culture of a venue, as quirky or strange as it might be, is just as important as the food it sells. He is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast dedicated to the lighter side of craft beer.

Jeff Chee (Contributor, Melbourne)

jeffprofileJeff is an actuarial consultant whose almost 15 years in the financial industry have left him deprived of an outlet for his creative side. This said, Jeff’s day job has given him the opportunity to travel abroad regularly where his typically Malaysian “eat anything and everything” mentality means that he structures both his work and leisure time around proximity to new and interesting eating establishments.

Over the course of time Jeff has developed an almost fanatic passion for craft beer, American BBQ and spicy food (his ideal meal involves consuming all three at the same time), all of which he offsets through long distance running which is his preferred method for exploring a new city. Jeff is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective where he is usually engaged in an off-topic extended monologue rather than talking about the beer in hand.

Royce Alido (Contributor, Melbourne)

royceprofileRoyce is a man of many creative talents. He’s a shoemaker by trade and a keen writer, photographer and cook. Royce loves to eat out and is always talking to restaurants and people in the industry to discover what really makes them tick.

Royce loves Melbourne and has a particular knack for getting under the skin of the city. you might think you know what Melbourne’s about, but once you hear the stories that Royce has to share, you’ll realise that there are sides to this city that you never knew existed.


Fiona Allen (Contributor, Geelong)

fiona profileFiona has travelled and lived throughout Australia and fair bit of the world, so it came as quite a surprise to many that she decided to settle in Geelong. A major draw card for her was the natural beauty of the Surf Coast region, and the exciting growth of small businesses having a go in a city once so heavily reliant on industry. Fiona enjoys exploring both the old and the new that Geelong has to offer. In her spare time she tries not to take life to serious or get into trouble, although she struggles with the latter.


Mike Edgar (Contributor, Melbourne)

mikeedgarprofileMike loves to convey his stories through two great passions, street photography and cycling. These passions stoke Mike’s creativity and provide him with a unique insight into his quest to explore new cultures and communities through food travel and music. Mike often sees the world through his lens, and as well as expressing himself here he can be found working on his solo project, Lunchbox Pictures.

You will always find Mike quietly chasing the city vibe with an espresso, craft beer or vino in his hand He adores food and fitness and he loves sharing his stories and adventures with you.

Jean Girdler (Contributor, Sydney)

DSC_0006Based in Sydney, and with over a decade of hospitality experience, Jean has consulted to some of Australia’s top restaurants across a range of facets of their operations. Her love of food knows no bounds, and when deciding where to plan her next holiday it’s the destination’s restaurants that guide her. In fact, Jean has been known to book restaurants before booking flights.

Jean is the friend that will Instagram your meal before you’re allowed to eat it, but you don’t mind as she’s probably the reason why you’ve had many of the best meals of your life in the first place. She loves recommending great restaurants and food experiences to her friends and of course, you the reader.

Jamie Kristoff (Music, Film & Culture)

jamieprofileJamie is a disgruntled journalist and writer with a keen wit and even keener interest in all things aesthetically pleasing. He has a music collection large enough that if he wasn’t insane, he might have given up on keeping it organised some time in 2012. He has an uncanny ability to source a range of music from around the world without ever leaving his room and gets his thrills by digging through obscure samples, soundtracks and the latest releases.

Jamie is always on the hunt for beautiful music, beautiful creations and beautiful spaces and is keen to share his discoveries with you.

Paul Mete (Contributor, London)

meteprofilephotoPaul relocated to London from Australia 8 years ago and still hasn’t lost his zest for exploring new restaurants across London. From street food to fine dining, Paul likes to try it all.

Paul is working his way through the alphabet of addiction, but seems to be firmly stuck on “B”. Burgers and beer are his forte and in fact recently Paul started brewing his own beers. The first batch was very well received, albeit by his not so sober guests.


Kirsty Moore (Contributor, Melbourne)

KirstyMooreProfileKirsty is a British Art and Design graduate who recently relocated to Melbourne for a year of travelling. She moved from Norwich to Barcelona 10 years ago and enjoyed photographing the dynamic city and exploring its rich artistic heritage. In the last year Kirsty worked as a design assistant for a Barcelona-based magazine, which allowed her to expand upon her interest in food, travel and culture.

Kirsty loves discovering unique restaurants, cafes and food experiences in every city she visits, as well experimenting with recipes – particularly healthy desserts and cakes! She documents this through her writing and photography, sharing them on her blog and Instagram.

Felicity Spector (Contributor, London)

felicityprofilephotoFelicity is a television journalist based in London who’s worked all over the world for the UK’s multi-award winning Channel 4 News, since 1989. She has a masters in US politics from Harvard – but seamlessly combines the serious stuff with a passion for food, mostly vegetarian – as well as cakes and desserts.

She has been a co-ordinator judge in the Great Taste Awards for eight years, and is constantly tracking down the best cakes, tarts, cookies and puddings – a journey she never wants to end.


Anita Shakya (Contributor, Sydney)

anita shakya profileAnita is an enthusiast of music, art, food and drink who is most at home when she is not. She is fascinated by the way culture is communicated by what’s on the plate, on the walls, in the streets and through the stories of people. Throughout her travels she was most inspired by the Spanish sense of hospitality, where it is simply about making good food for good people.

As a long-time member of Sydney’s bar industry, she seeks to support and celebrate the nuances and creative efforts that go into opening new venues and keeping old ones exciting. Above all else, she believes that the key to any great experience with food and drink can only be furthered by the talent behind it and the people who serve it.

Nicole Tang (Contributor, Melbourne)

NicoleTangBioCityLaneNicole is a humble Physiotherapist by trade, but has recently answered her true calling (thanks to her taste buds) in the form of food and travel storytelling. She cannot contain her love for food any longer (with desserts being her main weakness), and has aspired to share her affinity for food with the world.

Living in Melbourne, she is no stranger to ‘expecting the unexpected’ with the variety of delicious taste sensations showcased at Melbourne’s many markets, cafes, restaurants and food festivals. In particular, Nicole loves to learn about the inspiration and creativity behind a dish, firmly believing that these components help to make a dish whole. When not eating, Nicole enjoys baking to her heart’s content, watching movie marathons with friends, or updating her list of ‘Places to Eat’ (which seems never-ending!).

Sanjeev Vij (Contributor, Perth)

sanjeevprofileSanjeev has his hands on the pulse of the food, drink and music scenes in Perth. When he’s not running his nightclub or planning his next move in world domination, Sanjeev is busy scouting out the next big thing before anyone knows it’s the next big thing. He’s seen a lot of the world and is always hunting down the best eats and drinks in the cities that he visits.

He separates the good from the bad, the reality from the fluff, and is committed to making sure that you, the reader get the best insider tips on where to eat and drink in Perth and the other cities that he visits.

Genevieve Waldron (Contributor, London)

genprofilephotoGenevieve caught the travel bug as a student after spending a semester living with a family in Spain. Ever since she dreamed of living and working abroad and 3.5 years ago, she made the dream come true, relocating from Chicago to London.

Genevieve loves the variety of food and cultures in London, and meeting friends from all of the world has opened her eyes to so many amazing experiences. When not exploring the best of what London has to offer, Genevieve loves taking advantage of exploring Europe on her doorstep.

Amy Woodward (Visual Arts and Creative)

amybioAmy is a Photographer based in Melbourne who works within the documentary, fine-art and editorial sphere. Photographing intimate, fleeting moments within her own city and the places she travels, she seeks to create considered dialogues amongst the visual noise.

Amy’s versatility in the visual arts has lead to varied editorial and commercial projects locally and globally, including involvement with social justice projects in rural Kenya and the outskirts of Nairobi.


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