dark chocolate stout ice-cream recipe

RECIPES | This dark chocolate and stout ice-cream recipe came out of the need to validate the purchase of a ice cream maker. I mean we bought one so now we have to use it right? After creating this recipe we no longer have buyer’s remorse. It’s rich, creamy and

raspberry mint ginger g&t ice pop

RECIPES | This raspberry, mint & ginger G&T ice pop recipe is a cocktail in a fun, easy to eat, frozen form. These ice pops are light, refreshing and perfect for a warm day. Preparation Time: 5 minutes / Freezing Time: 2 hours / Serves 6 Ingredients 50ml gin (use

caramel tim tam pop tarts recipe

RECIPES | We adore a good pop-tart however they are not easily available in Australia. If we can find them, the choice of flavours is limited compared to what you can get at a regular supermarket in the US. Being Aussies, we of course also love Tim Tams, especially the

mocha frozen yoghurt ice pop recipe

RECIPES | This Mocha frozen yoghurt ice pop recipe is a quick and healthy treat when you feel like something sweet but don’t want to feel guilty after eating it. Preparation Time: 5 minutes / Freezing Time: 2 hours/ Serves 6 Ingredients 300ml Dairytonic mocha yogurt drink 50g shaved dark

matcha pancakes black sesame yoghurt recipe

RECIPES | This matcha crepes with black sesame yoghurt recipe is based on a mille crepe cake however we have made this a little lighter by changing the cream for yoghurt and decreasing the amount of sugar. Featuring flavours of Japan, it tastes delicious and you won’t feel guilty eating

unicorn matcha cupcakes recipe

RECIPES | These Unicorn Matcha cupcakes are absolutely adorable. They will delight the young and the young at heart because everyone needs a little magic in their lives. Preparation Time: 40 minutes / Cooking Time: 18-20 minutes / Makes: 12 Ingredients Cupcakes: 170g unsalted butter, softened 300g caster sugar 2

chocolate matcha cake truffles recipe

RECIPES | These chocolate matcha cake truffles are so easy to make and utterly delicious. One bite and you’ll be transported to the patisseries of Japan. Basically they are a microwaved matcha cake, mixed with cream cheese and matcha then dipped in chocolate. Preparation Time: 10 minutes / Cooking Time:

red wine hot chocolate italian meringue recipe

RECIPES | This red wine hot chocolate with Italian meringue is a great way to use left over red wine. The indulgent combination of chocolate, red wine and sticky meringue works wonderfully to create one of the most unique hot chocolates you’ve tried. You can drink it hot as soon

black truffle infused honey recipe

RECIPES | Our black truffle infused honey recipe is a great way to use truffle during its very short season. For those who have purchased a Perigord truffle before, they are a little pricey hence you need creative ways to extend the use of this delicious fungi without losing the

pale ale churros dark chocolate dipping sauce recipe

RECIPES | This IPA churros recipe with a dash of mandarin and chocolate beer dipping sauce has been designed to celebrate Melbourne’s Good Beer Week. The beer scene has changed dramatically over the past decade with an array of different varieties and flavour profiles available on the market. These different flavour