Sydney City Guide

Welcome to our Sydney City Guide. Our headquarters might be in Melbourne, but we don’t buy into the whole Sydney/Melbourne rivalry. Both cities are fantastic. We travel to Sydney several times a year and always love visiting and catching up with friends. The weather is great, there’s loads of great eateries and bars, and of course there’s the beautiful beaches. Whether it’s the creative vibrancy of Newtown, the breweries of Marrickville, or the always breathtaking views while walking along Sydney harbour, a trip to this city never disappoints.

sydney opera house


Wouldn’t it be nice to know a local in every city you visited? A person who knows all the best places to eat and drink in town, the city’s hidden gems, and those off the beaten path things to do? Well that’s what we’re here for. We’ve done all the hard work for you, to help you dive right into exploring the world’s best cities like a local.


Porkfat, Haymarket

SYDNEY | Porkfat is a restaurant that, while it's only been open for a few months, has already garnered a reputation as one of...

A.P Town (A.P Bakery), Newtown

SYDNEY | A.P Bakery's Newtown location, A.P Town, is the first stand-alone location of the popular Sydney bakery. Housed in a small brick building...

ANTE, Newtown

SYDNEY | When I heard that Matt Young of specialist junmai sake importer Black Market Sake was opening his own bar, ANTE, dedicated to “sake...

Baba’s Place, Marrickville

SYDNEY | Cultural identity is easy for some, and complex for others. Take myself, for example. Born and raised in Australia, as are my parents,...

The Pastry Project, Rosebury

SYDNEY | The Pastry Project is a boutique dessert shop in Rosebury. It's owned and operated by chef Tiffany Jones, who has honed her...


ANTE, Newtown

SYDNEY | When I heard that Matt Young of specialist junmai sake importer Black Market Sake was opening his own bar, ANTE, dedicated to “sake...

Bob Hawke Beer & Leisure Centre, Marrickville

SYDNEY | Hawke's Brewing was founded by Nathan Lennon and David Gibson in 2017, with the blessing of Bob Hawke himself. It wasn't until...

Bracket Brewing, Alexandria

SYDNEY | Bracket Brewing is a small, family-run brewery in Alexandria. It was founded by father and son duo Mark and Mike Meletopoulo in...

Brix Distillers, Surry Hills

SYDNEY | Brix Distillers is an independent Australian rum producer by owners Damien Barrow, James Christopher and Siddharth Soin, who turned what started as...

Old Mate’s Place, Sydney CBD

SYDNEY | Old Mate's Place is a hidden small bar in Sydney's CBD that rewards those who find it with some of the best...


Exploring The Rocks, Sydney’s Historic Neighbourhood

SYDNEY | The Rocks is a historic neighbourhood located on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour, directly next to the city's CBD. It's where...

Sydney’s Bondi To Coogee Walk, An Urban Coastal Delight

SYDNEY | As arguably Australia's most famous beach, Bondi Beach needs little introduction. What visitors to Sydney may be less aware of though, is...

Walking Up The Sydney Harbour Bridge

SYDNEY | The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's most recognisable icons. The heritage-listed steel through arch bridge opened in 1932 and is...


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