Marrickville Street Art Guide, Sydney

SYDNEY | Sydney is a great city to visit if you love street art, and one of the best places to find it is the suburb of Marrickville. Whenever I’m in Sydney, a walk through Marrickville is a must, as there’s always new street art to discover. It’s also home to several top Sydney craft breweries and food spots.

Marrickville has a long and diverse history. It’s a heavily industrial area, that’s been called home to several waves of immigration to Sydney over the years. The result is a culturally diverse population, and varied architecture owing to the industrial/residential mix. The industrial areas, in particular, provide great canvasses for street art. On the main streets, the back of warehouses, and everywhere in between, there’s street art all over Marrickville.

In this Marrickville street art guide, I’ll tell you about some of my favourite spots in which you can find Marrickville’s best street art. They’re listed alphabetically, and range from the popular and well known, to the more obscure. Do keep in mind that this is just a guide. There are so many great pieces to be found down the countless side streets and laneways not listed in this post. Don’t be afraid to explore!

Chalder Street

While walking from Sauce Brewing Co to Poor Tom’s Gin Hall, takes you along Chalder Street. Perhaps due to its proximity to these two excellent watering holes, the otherwise unassuming industrial side street has seen several captivating murals pop up.

Faverhsham Lane

This hidden gem of a laneway is home to a surprising large number of murals, on the walls, bins, and any other surface you can think of. They’re all by local artist, Stuart Sale, and features various celebrities and pop culture icons.

Illawarra Road

Illawarra Road intersects with Marrickville Road in the busiest part of the neighbourhood, and is where you’ll find a diverse assortment of independent retail. If you build up an appetite while looking for street art in this part of town, you’ll be happy to know that this is one of the best areas in Sydney for Vietnamese food, owing to the large Vietnamese community that lives here. You can find some of the best banh mi in town from Marrickville Pork Roll.

Marrickville Metro

This modern shopping centre on Victoria Road doesn’t seem like an obvious spot to find street art, but it’s well worth a visit. As part of the local council’s ‘Perfect Match’ initiative, local artists partnered with the centre’s owners to create 38 unique, small and large scale murals that can be found inside and outside of the centre.

Marrickville Road

Marrickville Road is one of the main retail strips in the suburb. It’s home to plenty of independent boutiques, cafes, and bars. Look up above the various shop hoardings to find multiple elevated murals. There’s also pieces to be found at the rear of buildings, on the sides, carparks, and more.

Sydenham Road

Another main street where you’ll find several Sydney craft breweries is Sydenham Road. With the increased foot traffic and popularity of the street that has occurred as a result, it’s no surprise that the street art here has continued to flourish.

Sydney Steel Road

One of the more isolated, obscure street art spots in Marrickville is industrical Sydney Steel Road. It’s a favourite of many artists, who appreciate its large canvases. and the fact that you have to seek out the art to find it.

Victoria Road

Victoria Road is a main thoroughfare in Marrickville. It’s a quite industrial part of the neighbourhood, meaning there’s lots of large scale murals along the street and it’s many side streets. The street changes names to Enmore Road, as you enter the suburbs of Enmore and Newtown further along. Both are great parts of town for street art.

Identified artists featured in the image gallery include:

Happy discoveries on your walk through Sydney’s Marrickville, using my Marrickville street art guide. What are your favourites places for street art in Marrickville? Have you found any other pieces outside of these street art hotspots that you love?



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