modus operandi brewing company mona vale

SYDNEY | Modus Operandi Brewing Company was founded in 2012 when husband and wife Grant and Jaz Wearin decided to turn their dream of owning their own brewery into a reality. They spent six months travelling around the USA in a campervan learning as much as they could from some

australian open 2018 lavazza

MELBOURNE | Whether it’s sitting on Henman Hill at Wimbledon or walking through the multi-sensory playground that’s the Australian Open, I’m always up for a spot of tennis. For the Australian Open 2018 The City Lane was lucky enough to be hosted by Lavazza, one of the Australian Open’s major

4 pines brewing company manly

SYDNEY | 4 Pines Brewing Company might be owned by global behemoth AB InBev, and a have a few brewpubs dotted around Sydney’s Northern Beaches area these days, but the place where it all started in 2008, the Manly Brewpub, is still operating and is still a great place to visit.

o'connell's hotel south melbourne

MELBOURNE | Celebrating 141 years in the industry, O’Connell’s Hotel is one of Melbourne’s dining institutions. Upon approach, this gastropub conveys a simplistic white exterior fitted with black awnings, separated into ‘Bar’ and ‘Restaurant’ sections via different entrances. Once inside, an historical, old-world ambience transforms the diner’s expectation to anticipate

4 pines truck bar brookvale

SYDNEY | 4 Pines Brewing Company have come a long way since they were a small brewer creating beers in their Manly brewpub and brewery. They’re now owned by global behemoth AB InBev, and a have a few brewpubs dotted around Sydney’s Northern Beaches area. The 4 Pines Truck Bar is

4 pines public house newport

SYDNEY | 4 Pines Brewing Company own a few venues around Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with each offering it’s own atmosphere and point of difference. The 4 Pines Public House Newport is the 4 Pines venue that feels most like a pub, and is also home to 4 Pines’ barrel ageing programme.

market neipa brunswick beer collective hop nation

MELBOURNE | First there was the ‘Not So Junior Mint‘ and next there was ‘Bruce‘. We’ve not wasted any time in sorting out our next collaboration beer, with our partner in crime this time around being Footscray-based brewery Hop Nation. The Market IPA is a beer borne out of the

farro fitzroy

MELBOURNE | Farro Pizzeria & Cucina Fitzroy is the new restaurant from the people behind popular Thornbury pizzeria Farro Pizza. We’ve been to the Thornbury restaurant before and love the food there so when we were invited to check out the new restaurant we didn’t hesitate to pop in and

redwood tasting room fitzroy north

MELBOURNE | Redwood Tasting Room is a bar that showcases the beers imported and distributed by husband and wife team Brian and Anika Labadie’s craft beer distribution company Redwood Distribution. It’s a small, unpretentious spot on St George’s Road in Fitzroy North with an assortment of second hand furniture and

dexter preston

MELBOURNE | Dexter surprised a few people when it opened in the middle of 2015, not so much for the on-trend food it was doing, but for its location in Preston. While there’s always been a great selection of food in Preston, along High Street closer to the Preston Market,