smoked camembert fig chutney recipe

RECIPES | Our Smoked Camembert with fig chutney recipe is a very easy and tasty dish that will impress your friends every time. We have made this several times, and this delicious, smokey, slightly sweet wheel of gooey cheese is demolished almost before it’s hit the table. It is great

chocolate coconut cherry ice-cream recipe

Cherry Ripe is one of my favourite chocolates so when summer arrived and it was time to make some ice-cream, and I was given a box of fresh cherries by CherryHill Orchards, I knew that I had to make my own version of this flavour combination. The result? This recipe

how to make bacon at home recipe

Have you ever wondered how to make bacon at home? We have attempted to make bacon numerous times over the past year, most of these attempts have failed. We’ve struggled to get the correct sugar/salt ratio or it over cooked as we can’t control the temperature on our Weber Kettle (time

how to use truffle recipe ideas

Once a year, come truffle season, I start thinking about truffle recipe ideas. Once upon a time truffles were a thing of myth. They were considered a delicacy that was limited to the wealthy in the northern hemisphere. These days truffles are still somewhat taxing on the wallet however they

gorgonzola arancini recipe

Arancini may be humble in origin but when you combine left over risotto with oozing blue cheese, a sliver of black truffle and encase it in a crispy outer shell it becomes a little slice of heaven. This indulgent and gooey Gorgonzola arancici recipe can be made with or without the

butter ravioli recipe

This soft egg, goats cheese & tarragon butter ravioli recipe takes a bit of time at the start, but once you taste it, we know you’ll agree that it was worth it. I actually designed this recipe at the start of the Southern Hemisphere’s truffle season, with the presence of

classic garlic bread recipe

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good garlic bread recipe. It’s a simple, guilty pleasure that many of us like to indulge. The simple combination of butter, crushed garlic, parsley and salt, generously lathered atop a good quality slice of crusty bread is unbeatable. We’ve experimented with a few combinations

Bao Bun Burger recipe

The City Lane recently spoke to brothers Mike and Josh Greenfield about their new show Brother’s Green EATS!, which premieres worldwide on MTV this week. You can read the interview here and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try making this crazy New York City Chinatown inspired Bao Bun Burger that

decadent chocolate brownies recipe

We spend a lot of time creating new and interesting recipes at The City Lane that sometimes it’s easy to forget about the classics. Sure there’s no shortage or recipes for chocolate brownies, chicken soup or other staples however we think it would be remiss of us not to share

honey earl grey chocolate truffles recipe

Honey and Earl Grey tea work wonderfully together and these honey & Earl Grey chocolate truffles are delicious, easy way to enjoy the flavour combination. They might not be the healthiest thing on the planet but hey, Earl Grey tea + chocolate = a whole lot of antioxidants right? Preparation Time: