Surry Hills Street Art Guide, Sydney

SYDNEY | Sydney is a great city to visit if you love street art, and the trendy inner-city suburb of Surry Hills is a great place to find it, especially if you’re staying in the CBD. I often stay in Surry Hills when I’m in Sydney, attracted by the area’s architecture and vibe, great food and drinks, easy access to the airport and, or course, street art.

While the street art in this part of town isn’t as plentiful as that in Newtown and Marrickville, there’s certainly no shortage of it. Street art lines many of the suburb’s main streets, side streets, and back alleys. The artwork deals with a variety of topics, fun, serious, and topical.

In this Surry Hills street art guide, I’ll tell you about some of my favourite spots in which you can find Surry Hills’ best street art. They’re listed alphabetically, and will take you all over the neighbourhood. Use this post as a guide, but don’t let it restrict you. There are so many great pieces to be found down the suburb’s many side streets and laneways. It’s a safe neighbourhood, so do explore.

Arnold Lane

This small laneway features a decent sized wall that you can see as you walk down adjoining Goulbourn Street. It’s regularly refreshed with new murals.

Cleveland Street

Cleveland Street is a long street, running from Moore Park, to the east of Surry Hills, all the way west to the University of Sydney. There are several murals on Cleveland Street, but to find most of the art you need to look just off the main street as you walk through it.

Fanny Place

This curved laneway hidden amongst the spaghetti of streets that form Surry Hills. It’s easy to miss as you can’t really stumble across it on the way to anything else. It makes a perfect secluded spot for street art.

Fitzroy Lane

A laneway off a laneway (Hutchinson Place), Fitzroy Lane is one you can easily miss if you don’t know it’s there. Make an effort to check it out as there’s always interesting art there.

Foley Street

There are several murals on Foley Street, including some large scale ones the blend in with the area’s buildings. Keep an eye out for ”We Are Here’, by artists Byrd, The Dirt, and Dylan Demarchi.

Foveaux Street

One of the main streets in Surry Hills, Foveaux Street features a lot of interesting historic architecture. It’s also a great spot to find some of the area’s larger scale murals.

Hutchinson Place

Jutting off Fitzroy Street, is the curved Hutchinson Place. It features several murals which can be viewed from the street itself, or from above by walking along the elevated South Dowling Street. Excellent Colombian cafe, Cafe Con Leche, can be found here, along with several artworks by Bogota based Aussie artist, Crisp.

Sophia Street

This narrow thoroughfare, just behind Foveaux Street, has an intimate feel about it. It makes a perfect place for immersive murals.

Identified artists featured in the image gallery include:

Happy discoveries on your walk through Sydney’s Surry Hills, using my Surry Hills street art guide. What are your favourites places for street art in Surry Hills? Have you found any other pieces outside of these street art hotspots that you love?



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