honey earl grey chocolate truffles recipe

Honey and Earl Grey tea work wonderfully together and these honey & Earl Grey chocolate truffles are delicious, easy way to enjoy the flavour combination. They might not be the healthiest thing on the planet but hey, Earl Grey tea + chocolate = a whole lot of antioxidants right? Preparation Time:

coffee yogurt parfait recipe

Inspired by the parfaits of Kyoto is this coffee & yoghurt parfait recipe. The layers are texturally distinct and combine really well as do the tart, sweet and bitter flavour components of the dish. It’s really tasty and great as a pick-me-up breakfast in the morning or as a dessert any time of

It’s no secret that Lauren and I are a bit obsessed when it comes to matcha. We love green tea, and when it comes to desserts matcha, along with chocolate is something that needs to be ordered if it’s on the menu. When the two are combined, even better! This matcha