tabiat bridge tehran iran

TEHRAN | Tabiat Bridge is important for many reasons. It’s an architectural masterpiece, it’s a symbol of modern Iranian architecture, it was designed by a up and coming female architect, the area around it shows a side to Iran that many in the West don’t see, and it’s an example

relaxing in darband tehran

TEHRAN | If you ever visit Iran, a trip to the neighbourhood of Darband in North Tehran, at the foothills of Mount Tochal and the central Alborz Range is a must. Darband, which used to be a village before becoming part of Tehran, is located at the start of the hiking trail (or

black market currency dealing tehran iran

TEHRAN | On Manouchehri Alley, a main street in central Tehran that is lined with currency exchange and pawn shops, a group of men congregate in a public park. There’s a lot of shouting and commotion, and the scene is very lively. Scenes like this are common when you stumble across Iran’s

travelling in iran a woman's perspective

The question of what it’s like to travel to Iran as a woman is something that I’ve been asked many times. Every time I’ve attempted to write this article I have struggled to find the words that express what Iran is truly like for a female tourist. In part, my

tehran's grand bazaar iran travel

TEHRAN | Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world, and easily one of the largest. Spread out over 20 square kilometres, the Grand Bazaar’s winding maze of corridors, alleyways, stairwells and hidden passages run for over 10 kilometres in length. Everything, and I mean

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TEHRAN | Tehran, Iran. What did I know about this city, or indeed this country’s food before I arrived? The honest answer is not that much. When I lived in London there was an Iranian sweet shop in West Kensington that I’d visited a few times so I knew that

inside former us embassy tehran iran 1979

1979. The year that the (now former) US embassy in Tehran was stormed by revolutionary students and several Americans, mostly diplomatic staff, were captured and held hostage (52 of them for 444 days). The Iran hostage crisis, also known in Iran as the Conquest of the American Spy Den, led to the end

top 10 visiting iran tips you should know travel advice

Iran is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world. From the Islamic Revolution in 1979, through to the Iran-Iraq war between 1980-1988 and the dubbing of Iran as a member of the “Axis of Evil” by US President George W Bush in 2002, people in the West have