visiting vietnam tips

TRAVEL | Vietnam is increasing in popularity as a tourist destination yet the information on what tips visitors should know before visiting Vietnam can be quite varied. There are several things that we found to be very important when we visited Vietnam and to help you get those most out of your

Hanoi street photography

The streets of Hanoi are full of life and vibrancy. Whether people are shopping, eating, or simply walking from A to B, the city streets are like a stage, with everyday people fulfilling the roles of actors playing their part. When I visited Hanoi, simply walking around the streets and

hanoi food guide

Hanoi, Vietnam, just like most of the cities in Vietnam, offers a wide variety of food to those who visit it. Much of what I discussed in my Ho Chi Minh City Food Guide applies to Hanoi. You can read my thoughts on why you should eat street food and

ho chi minh vietnam war

Vietnam. The word, indeed the nation, has come to represent much of what a new generation of travellers seeks in a destination: exciting, vibrant and affordable. For many, however, especially those who grew up in the aftermath of the sixties zeitgeist, the word is synonymous with the Vietnam War. This