Triplet Falls in Victoria’s Great Otway National Park (The Otways) is a beautiful site that anyone visiting Victoria should make an effort to visit. As a Western Australian I was completely ignorant about the fact that Victoria even had rainforests. I’d heard of the Otways and the Great Ocean Road but didn’t really know much beyond that.

Imagine my surprise when driving from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road when, instead of keeping to the coast, Lauren and I drove slightly inland and were greeted by the majestic sights of a lush, majestic, ancient rainforest. Driving towards the Otways, you are greeted with a stunning vista but despite this, it’s still a surprise to discover what’s inside the rainforest.

triplet falls the otways


The Otways contain a variety of things to do – camping, tree walks, forest walks, coastal walks, picnicking and mountain bike riding to name a few. Lauren and I only had half a day that we could dedicated to the area so, being based in Apollo Bay that night and heading back to Melbourne, we decided that a visit to Triplet Falls was our best option.



triplet falls the otways

Triplet Falls consists of 3 waterfalls nestled amongst a portion of rainforest that consists mostly of mossy glades of tree ferns shadowed by Mountain Ash and Myrtle Beech.

The Triplet Falls walk is 2km long and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The walk is signposted and teaches visitors about the history of the rainforest, the native flora and fauna as well as the logging that occurred in the area for about 20 years in the early 1900s.



triplet falls the otways




triplet falls the otways


Some remnants from the logging era have been retained in the area. It’s hard to imagine that such a peaceful, beautiful part of the world was subject to such destruction less than 100 years ago.



triplet falls the otways





triplet falls the otways

If you’ve got the time, there’s an alternative route, The Little Aire Walk, which is 4.5km long and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. This walk takes visitors along the old logging line and provides views of not just the Triplet Falls, but the Little Aire Falls also.