The Budapest Weekend Travel Guide

The Hungarian capital Budapest has a long, proud history. Once one of the crown jewels of the Austria-Hungary empire, it underwent some tough times post World Wars I and II. In recent years the country has been undergoing a transformation however, with grand old buildings, monuments and streets being restored and an vibrant underground bar scene that rivals the best anywhere else in the world emerging. If you’re only in Budapest for a few days, then my Budapest Travel Guide will take you on a photographic tour of what to expect.

I had been to Budapest before, but in the spring. It was a lot colder this time and I was over there to visit a friend, who lived just out of the city centre, in an area full of communist era buildings. The green and blue painted one won an award for being refurbished with modern amenities. It’s a good example of what can be done with some of these monolithic buildings to make them relevant today.

I really like the city, and there is a real contrast between the beauty of the past, the communist influence of the more recent past, and the familiar signs of a city moving towards the future.

budapest travel guide

budapest travel guide

Budapest is full of grand coffee houses from the days of the Austria-Hungary Empire. A lot have been restored to their former glory relatively recently and are quite amazing.

budapest travel guide

budapest travel guide



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