Flight Coffee Hangar, Te Aro

Flight Coffee Hangar Wellington is one of the places that came up consistently when I was doing my research into where to get great coffee in Wellington. Flight Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster and the “Hangar” is their cafe and up until recently, was where the roasting was done too. After a big night that ended just a few hours earlier, my friends and I were in the need of some coffee and some quality breakfast to line our stomachs.

The space is a former car park and is simple, with an almost Scandinavian workshop vibe about it. It must be all of the wood, concrete and clean lines.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Any cafe that has a hand-crafted customised Slayer 2.0 espresso machine is serious about its coffee. These things don’t come cheap. $30,000 of don’t come cheap for this one in fact.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Flat White ($3.50)

When it comes to both the coffee and the food at Flight Coffee Hangar, sustainability and freshness is key. I had a flat white with the house blend beans and it was perfect.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

5 Grain Toast With Bacon & 2 Poached Eggs ($15.00)

One of my friends ordered this and was very happy with his breakfast. I like the approach to breakfast at Flight Coffee Hangar. There are a few sweet and savoury options to choose from but the thing that really impressed me was the simplicity of the “Build Your Own Brekkie” section. 14 ingredients, listed in alphabetical order, each with a price next to it. Why more places don’t do this I don’t know. It’s a great idea and so simple.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Bagel With Avocado, Roasted Tomatoes & Cream Cheese ($12.50)

This was my breakfast and it was exactly what I was looking for that morning. Simple, quality ingredients and great presentation.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Hangar Spanish Styled Baked Eggs With Chorizo, Tomato, Capsicum & Onion ($16.50)

My other friend ordered the baked eggs and was also very happy with his selection.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Chemex Filtered Single Origin ($7.00)

Along with espresso, coffee brewed using a range of techniques is available. Chemex, Aeropress, V60, Swiss Gold for example. I ordered one of the speciality beans brewed with a Chemex and was provided with a card that had a full description of the bean, its source and tasting notes. My friends thought it was a gimmick but when they tried the coffee they soon realised that the flavours described on the card were all present. Knowing where what you consume comes from and what it’s all about is never a bad thing.

Also, the $7.00 might sound expensive but I got a good 2 cups of coffee out of this thing.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Roasting moved offsite in December, and this machine “Gareth” has been superseded by the bigger “Betty”. It looks great though, so I’ve kept the photo in. Moving the roasting offsite has allowed the Flight Coffee owners to install a larger kitchen and expand the menu. It’s also enabled the place to open for dinner and cocktails on Wed-Sat nights.

A range of coffee paraphernalia and a very decent range of beans is available to buy too.

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

flight coffee hangar wellington where to eat

Since I was last in Wellington there have been some changes at Flight Coffee Hangar that, it seems, have all been positive and have served to enhance what was already an excellent coffee and food experience. I can’t wait to get back there and see for myself.

Flight Coffee Hangar

171-177 Willis Street
Wellington City
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Telephone: (04) 212 4547
Email:          [email protected]
Website:      http://flightcoffee.co.nz/

Mon – Tue: 7:00am to 5:00pm
Wed – Fri:   7:00am to 1:00am
Sat:             8:00am to 1:00am
Sun:            8:00am to 5:00pm

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