Hong Kong Food Tour

Hong Kong has a wealth of choices when it comes to food. From simple, cheap noodle houses to to some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world, there is something for every pallet and every budget. Below is a small sample of some of the great food on offer in Hong Kong from one of my trips there.

Prices range from cheap $, to medium/affordable $$, to expensive $$$.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon $$$
15 Queen’s Rd West, Central

On my first night, I had dinner at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and as to be expected, it was very good. Joel Robuchon been doing this concept in a few cities for a while now (the first L’Atelier opened in Paris in 2003), and the casual vibe and open kitchen really do make for a great atmosphere and is, to my mind, the way fine dining should be. Great food and excellent service without pretension and stuffiness. The photo that I took of the menu turned out blurry so I can’t remember exactly what everything was – you’ll have to excuse the poor descriptions!

The bread was nice, and the green tea bread was not actually that unexpected. In Asia they seem to find a way to do a green tea version of every kind of food. In this case it worked.

This was some kind of savoury custard.

Prawns and asparagus with a raspberry kind of jam.

Escargot and a honey risotto.

A fois gras soup.


Pork belly with his signature mashed potatoes which are obscenely indulgent and creamy. A bowl of the mashed potatoes was also served but the photo I took came out very blurry.

Cheese board.

Tiramisu and a custard tart with raspberry and a macaron.

Petit fours.

Lei Garden Restaurant $$
Various Locations

The branch that we visited was on the 10th floor of Times Square shopping mall. Unlike most western countries, in Asia good food can be found even in shopping malls. Despite being a chain, the food was very good, although overpriced for what it was.  We only got a few small dishes, but they do offer a full menu with many more options.

First, a pallet cleanser was served.  It was slightly sweet, with notes of ginger.

Tripe, when prepared properly, is a brilliant thing to eat.  Just the right level of chewiness and a great texture

I can’t recall what these were.  Some kind of fried dumping type things.

Fragrant bamboo rice steamed in palm leaves.

I cannot recall what this was.

Tung Po $$
2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, North Point

I had heard about Tungo Po before, both through word of mouth and on the Hong Kong episode of “No Reservations”. One of my friends had been in Hong Kong a few weeks earlier and it was one of his favourite dining experiences ever, so I knew I had to go. It’s away from the tourist areas, in a municipal services building, above a fish market. A world away from Joel Robuchon, and proof that sometimes the simple things are best. The owner Robbie has a reputation as being somewhat of a character but he was not working this night. The food was great, and we were back there two days later.

Two days later, and Robbie was there and made sure we had a night that we wouldn’t forget. We walked in and were seated, and asked for Robbie. The waiter shouted across the room to Robbie, and he shouted back that he’d be there in a moment. A few minutes later, a round of beers appeared at our table. “We didn’t order these” we said “There are on Robbie” we were told.

When Robbie came past, we had a bit of a chat then he asked us what we’d like to eat. We told him that we were happy to eat whatever he thought was good. Genuinely excited by this, Robbie asked a few basic questions just to ensure we didn’t get anything that we knew we wouldn’t like, then he put together an amazing selection of food for us. He drunk beer and ate bits and pieces with us, and after he’d had a few more drinks put on some 90s rap music and started dancing. Robbie’s son Wayne and one of the staff “Chicken” were also getting in on the fun as the night continued. The night only got crazier as it went on. Robbie is seriously passionate about his food and living life, and the night was one of the most unique, awesome dining experiences that I’ve ever had.

Robbie, sharing a beer with us.  Yes, you drink beer out of bowls at Tung Po.

Maxim’s Palace $$
Various Locations

Maxim’s is a very popular chain of Dim Sum restaurants in Hong Kong and China. I’ve known about it for a while but the lines have always turned me off. We were number 830 on the top row something and, as you can see from the screen in the photo before, we had a long wait ahead of us. It was well worth it – I’d recommend getting your number, then going to do something else for an hour and coming back. Nobody in there spoke English, and there were no other white people in there – always a good sign when in Asia looking for food! The carts come past, and as we didn’t know what anything was, we had a look and if we liked, we took. You get your card ticked and at the end, you go and pay. It was great.

Mos Burger $
Various Locations

Mos Burger is a Japanese Burger chain with outlets in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.  They offer burgers, but with a distinctly Japanese twist.  A visit to Mos is always a must for me whenever I’m in a city that has them.

As well as regular burgers, Mos also offers burger with rice instead of bread buns.  This one had a teriyaki beef filling.

The Saku Saku burger has a crispy chicken fillet  crunch cabbage and Japanese mayo.  Another favourite of mine.

Mong Kong is one of my favourite parts of Hong Kong.  There’s a lot on offer here – shopping markets, sports gear and electronics.  The street food scene in Mong Kok is one of the best that I’ve seen anywhere – there is a lot on offer.

The octopus balls, tripe and squid were all amazing.  The bright orange intestines on a stick, not so much!

If you’ve been to any of these places, or have any great recommendations of your own, I’d love to hear what you think below.



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