Jeh O Chula, Pathum Wan

BANGKOK | If you’re looking for a tasty bowl of tom yum in Bangkok, Jeh O Chula is a place that you’ll want to visit. Their signature Mama O-ho Tom Yum is considered one of the best versions in town.

The restaurant opened in 1967, selling khao tom (Thai rice soup) and ped palo (stewed duck). The tom yum that’s they’re famous for didn’t actually hit the menu until the mid 2010s. The soup started its life as a staff meal, perfected over time by the current owners, the grandchildren of the original founder.

There’s several sizes of tom yum available, with a few topping variations. The full toppings version comes with MAMA instant noodles, prawns, squid, pork meatballs, eggs, and crispy pork. It’s all inside a light, creamy broth enriched with spices like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, red chilli, and coriander leaves.

The soup is a wonderful balance of sweet, savoury, sour, spicy, and umami and is so satisfying. Along with tom yum, Jeh O Chula offers an assortment of snacks and other dishes, with a focus on fresh seafood. The spicy fermented raw crab is a must, with a beautiful creamy texture. It’s got all the delicious bits, including the head meat. Do be aware that this crab dish is very spicy.

Jeh O Chula is a busy spot, popular with locals until the early hours of the morning. Grab a number, and ask how long the expected wait is. If it’s over an hour, which is likely, you can head to a nearby bar for a drink. Just be sure not to lose your spot in the queue.

Jeh O Chula

113 Soi Charat Mueang Rong Muang
Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330

Telephone: 064 118 5888
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Sun: 4:30pm to 12:00am



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