Paris: Dining Via The Metro

On the second day of this trip to Paris it was business as usual.  Continuing where we left off from the previous day there was more wandering the streets, taking in the vibe, eating and relaxing to be done.

The line 14 platforms at Pyramides Metro station are more modern than many of the others you see in the city, and were opened in 1998.

One of the many things that I love about Paris is that despite the fact that it truly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it still has a grittiness to it as well.  I’ll have do do a post sometime that collects all of the street art photos that I’ve taken in Paris over the course of several trips.  There is a lot of street art in Paris, and this is just one example of it.

For the first time in my life I finally tried escargot. Texturally it reminded me of calamari, taste wise it was all about the garlic butter.

Escargot. paris restaurants food and wine

Fish. paris restaurants food and wineish.

paris restaurants food and wine

paris restaurants food and wine

Paris takes on a magical vibe by night.  It really does feel like you are walking through a cliché   The beauty of the city, and the reflection of the lights on the different surfaces that they bounce of creates something amazing, and you cannot help but feel great.

There is a lot of variety between the different Metro stations in Paris.  Pont-Neuf looks nothing like Pyramides.

Wine, bread and butter.  So simple and so great.

paris restaurants food and wine

Foie Gras and toast.  Controversial it may be, but there’s no doubting that foie gras, done right, offers the diner a luxurious taste sensation like no other.

Foie Gras. paris restaurants food and wine

Roast lamb and sliced potatoes, almost like chips.

paris restaurants food and wine

Roast beef on French onion soup.  If you’ve never had proper French onion soup before, you must try it sometime.  The flavour is completely amazing and not at all similar to what passes off as “French onion” flavour outside of France.

paris restaurants food and wine



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