Phed Mark, Phra Khanong

BANGKOK | What do you do when you and your friends can’t decide where to find the best version of a favourite dish in town? How about starting your own restaurant specialising in it. That’s exactly what Khun Tan (Thai food blogger and manager), Khun Pongthep (designer and actor), Chef Gigg (Chef and Iron Chef Champion), and Mark Wiens (food video blogger, full-time eater) did when they decided to open Phed Mark, a small restaurant specialising in pad kaprao, one of Thailand’s most popular dishes.

Pad kaprao is a dish consisting of protein, commonly minced beef or pork, stir fried with Thai holy basil, garlic, and chillies. It’s served over rice, and usually topped with a fried egg. The main seasonings are soy sauce, Thai fish sauce, oyster sauce, cane sugar, and bird’s eye chili. Simple, addictive, and delicious.

At Phed Mark, there’s a few protein choices of offer, including a vegetarian option. I opted for the version I’m most familiar with and love, minced beef (nuea sap); and the Thai fermented sour sausage (naem) version. Once you’ve selected your protein, you choose your preferred level of spice, and any additional toppings (like a extra fried egg).

I’d heard stories about just how spicy the signature version (spice level four) is here. To be expected given the logo is a flame with a chilli for a mouth, and ‘phed’ means spicy. I went for levels two and three for my two plates, which seemed to be the go to levels for most as I eavesdropped on locals placing their orders. Let’s just say unless your an absolute spice fiend, level three is probably as hot as you’ll want to go.

I loved eating both, and don’t think I could choose between the two. The minced pork version is classic, a perfect balance of quality ingredients, and wonderful wok hei. The sour fermented pork sausage, meanwhile, adds a completely new element to the dish, with a sweet and sour oomph. I suggest you order both.

Phed Mark

300 Sukhumvit Road
Phra Khanong
Bangkok 10110

Telephone: 083 893 8989
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Sun: 10:00am to 7:15pm



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