Singapore Food Tour

I decided to stop over for a few days in Singapore on the way back to London from Perth, and dived into the amazing food offerings. Singapore truly is one of the ”food” cities of the world, with such a variety of great food ranging from cheap and tasty hawker meals through to fine dining and everything in between.

The first night was a nine course dinner at three-Michelin star chef Santi Santamaria’s new restaurant “Santi” at Marina Bay Sands. This was seriously amazing food.

Update Mar 2012.  Shortly after the untimely death of Santi Santamaria, Santi in Singapore closed down, with his family deciding to focus on the Spanish restaurants.  Condolences to Santi’s family.

Santi’s version of potato chips which came out while deciding which menu option to choose. It came with an interesting and tasty aioli.

There was a selection of 6 or 7 different breads that they brought out. my favourite was the olive focaccia which is the one in this photo.

I cannot remember exactly what the appetiser was. The fish was tuna.

Octopus salad with baby beetroot, yoghurt and white truffles.

Tomato salad with oyster escabeche, roasted peppers and iberico ham.

Chestnut cream soup with egg confit and chanterelle mushrooms. My favourite dish of the night.

Artichoke and cauliflower rice with crustaceans and cava butter.

Market fish (tonight it was snapper) with calcots, Japanese corn and red wine sauce.

Roasted baby lamb with crosnes and truffle sauce.

Roasted pigeon with crosnes and truffle sauce. There was also a third choice of suckling pig.

A strawberry sorbet for pre-dessert

Persimmon pastilla with grue de cacao ice cream.

Bread Talk is a chain that sells all kinds of breads. You grab a tray and choose what you want from the large selection.


Mushroom Dumpling

Unagi and egg on rice.

Udon noodles.

Chicken on rice with an interesting mayo topping.

A hawker stall in Chinatown.

Dried noodles with beef.

Wet noodles with fish.

Honeymoon Dessert sells all kinds of tasty Asian desserts.

Coconut and red bean pudding.

Basil nut jelly balls with green tea ice cream and something else.

Mango dumplings.

Watermelon and I can’t remember what the white stuff was.

Mos Burger is a Japanese Burger chain. I am hooked on it!

The one in the middle, with a bun made of rice instead of bread, was the best.

Roast duck pancakes.

Hainanese chicken rice.

Pork ribs and dry noodles.

More chicken rice but this time from the Chinatown Complex hawker’s centre.

Beef balls and noodles.



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