Japanese Food

kitakata cuisine atsushio onsen yamagataya

KITAKATA | The Atsushio Onsen Yamagataya is one of the several places where visitors to Kitakata can stay and enjoy the relaxing onsen (natural hot springs) that are found in this part of Japan. Inside the hotel are several traditional Japanese-style rooms, onsen for men and women, and a restaurant

not so tonkotsu ramen recipe

RECIPES | This not so Tonkotsu ramen is a twist on a classic Tonkotsu ramen . It is by no means a traditional broth as I struggled to find pigs trotters which are characteristically the base of this style of ramen. Nonetheless the combination of pork ribs, soup bones and

is donburi northbridge

PERTH | Is Donburi in Northbridge has become quite the cult favourite in the five years since it’s been open, and the newest location on Newcastle Street does everything that the original does well. It’s all about Japanese favorites done well, quick service and reasonable prices. During lunch service, sushi

sushi gen little tokyo

LOS ANGELES | Sushi Gen is a Little Tokyo Japanese restaurant that’s built quite the reputation since opening in 1980 as serving some of the best sushi in Los Angeles, at prices that are very reasonable given the quality of the fish. After 37 years in the game, these guys

kawaba rice ball west hollywood

LOS ANGELES | Kawaba Rice Ball is a little store on Melrose that specialises in, you guessed it, rice balls. Onigiri or musubi, as they’re known in Japan, are balls or triangles of rice filled a range of different ingredients, and sometimes covered with nori (seaweed). They’re a very popular

LONDON | Chains like Itsu and Wasabi have helped make sushi and sashimi part of the capital’s staple lunch diet, however, you won’t know what a proper sushi fix is until you’ve tried some authentic Japanese restaurants that are flourishing in London. Eat Tokyo, despite also being a chain, is

ramen bankara swanston street melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Ramen Bankara operates a series of chains in Japan, and have recently expanded to Australia, where they currently operate 4 stores. The City Lane was invited to try a few things from the menu at the Swanston Street store and, being keen lovers of ramen we were very curious

sake flinders lane melbourne review

MELBOURNE | In need of modern Japanese food? The newest Sake Bar & Restaurant might just be the place for you. Located just next door to Melbourne’s fabled Chin Chin, Sake is a restaurant and bar for those seeking Japanese food with a contemporary spin. If you’ve been to anything at Hamer

SYDNEY | Tokyo Bird Surry Hills is a highly regarded Izakaya that consistently comes up when researching where to find the best yakitori in Sydney. Housed in a small laneway space, it exudes all of the character of a real Japanese Izakaya. Intimate, casual, with the wonderful smell of meat

toko melbourne lunch degustation

MELBOURNE | Toko Melbourne is nestled in the heart of Prahan’s Greville street and prides itself on its informal izakaya-like dinning. Toko focuses on using the best and freshest produce in the creation of delicious Japanese dishes and tasty cocktails. The City Lane visited Toko late in 2015 when the restaurant first