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great chefs william angliss institute

MELBOURNE | Agliss Restaurant at William Angliss Institute has a little known secret, that allows those in the know to experience menus designed by some Melbourne’s top chefs for a lower price than you’d pay in their restaurants. The concept is very simple. William Angliss Institute has trained many aspiring chefs over the

brooklyn depot melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Brooklyn Depot in Melbourne’s CBD is an ’authentic American burger bar‘ in Melbourne, offering a menu ’inspired by old Brooklyn and their handcrafted, high quality and unique burgers, hot dogs, salads and desserts‘. Brooklyn Depot originated in Surfer’s Paradise in 2015, with a second location opening in Brisbane’s

kirk's melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Kirk’s Wine Bar has been a popular spot for a few years now, but since late last year, it’s expanded to include a new venue, Kirk’s. Located just across from Kirk’s Wine Bar (and above the wine bar’s cellar), Kirk’s is, you guessed it, a pub. Located in

los vida melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Los Vida recently opened in Melbourne’s new upmarket shopping complex, St Collins Lane, and we were keen to see what this Sydney import had to offer when we accepted an invite to dine there. Founded by Sumo Salad director Mark Dopson and Mexico City native Octavio Gomez Haro, Los Vida aims to

betty's burgers concrete co melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Noosa’s popular Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. launched in Melbourne in December, and from almost day one, had queues outside the door. While the queues have died off since then, the place is still very popular, which begs the question of why? There’s no shortage of quality burgers

uncle melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Balaclava favourite Uncle recently opened a second location, at the Parliament Station end of Collins Street and, being fans of the original, we were keen to check out the CBD spot when invited to the launch party. For those who are unaware, Uncle is a modern Vietnamese restaurant

pastuso melbourne review

MELBOURNE | Pastuso, San Telmo’s sister restaurant, is tucked away at the end of ACDC lane and has been serving up Peruvian food for around three years. Peruvian is one of those cuisines that’s been heralded as “the next big thing” for a while, but hasn’t really managed to take

Agathé Pâtisserie

MELBOURNE | Agathé Kerr has brought her famous French pastries to Melbourne’s CBD, opening Agathé Pâtisserie Petite in Royal Arcade. Growing up in Paris, Agathé loved the pace and atmosphere of the city, so opening a store in the CBD was a natural progression for her. The hole-in-the-wall space, which

sarawak kitchen melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Sarawak Kitchen in Melbourne’s CBD is place that, unsurprisingly, focuses on the cuisine of Sarawak, a Malaysian state on Borneo. The space is simple and while it can get very busy at times, table turnover is high so there’s never more than a short wait. There’s an impressive

claypots barbarossa melbourne cbd

MELBOURNE | Claypots Barbarossa in Melbourne’s CBD is the fourth venue from owner and restaurateur, Renan Goksin, who’s vision is to combine Australia’s laid-back lifestyle and love for local food with European-style hospitality. Each of his Claypots venues differ in their concept and style, but all are consistent in showcasing