modern traveller

TRAVEL | Here at The City Lane we travel a lot, and for me personally, 2016 was the year I spent more time on airplanes than any other. A question that’s often asked of me is “do you get sick of flying”? and my response to that is a resounding

chicago street photography

CHICAGO | Those of you who have been following The City Lane (“TCL”) over the past few months will have noticed that there’s been some Chicago focused content going up on the website. I’ve been testing things out with the Chicago team and using the time to get it all

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This post was sponsored by NBN Co. Click here to read The City Lane’s policy on sponsored content. The City Lane (โ€œTCLโ€) that you know about today is very different from what it was when I created it in February 2009. It began as a hobby, a basic blogspot website

peak melbourne burgers

OPINION | Do ever get the feeling that if you were to step out your door on any given day, anywhere in Melbourne, you would likely run into a burger joint? Well if you do, we get the feeling you’re not alone. But please don’t get us wrong, there are

mostrustedhoney social media

OPINION | As sponsored posts on Instagram become a more common occurrence, how diligent should Instagrammers who work with brands be? Yesterday, images began appearing on the feeds of several Australian food and lifestyle Instagram accounts, with a focus on Capilano Honey. These sponsored posts (some of which were disclosed


OPINIONย | We love visiting places that exhibit a lack of pretension with a focus on great food, drinks and serviceย and thankfully there are no shortage of places that tick all of these boxes in the cities in which we live or visit. Sometimes, however, we experience something that doesn’t sit

The City Lane Relaunch

Hi everyone, If you’ve been following The City Lane for a while you might have noticed some changes in 2015, not the least of which has been the move to daily content and a wider scope of coverage in the world of food, travel and culture. This has all been

The Art Of Writing A Bad Review. How To Write A Bad Review. Bad Restaurant Reviews - Do They Serve A Purpose?

Today I wrote my first “bad” review. Not bad in the way it was written, but bad in that it dealt with what was ultimately a negative experience. While it’s true that I’ve written reviews on places that were average, and I’ve written reviews that on a whole have been