All Day Donuts, Brunswick

MELBOURNE | With the rise to prominence of ‘gourmet’ donuts throughout Melbourne, it is sometimes hard to believe that donuts were once the domain of bumbling police officers and Homer Simpson. And one of the leaders of that game changer is All Day Donuts Brunswick.

Located on Edward Street, just a few steps from Sydney Road and an alleyway from Barkly Square, All Day Donuts is one of the those great and welcome anomalies that has found a happy home within Melbourne’s wider food culture. Whether it is a sly sweet after a long journey through Savers (yes, it’s close by), a way to satisfy that ill-fated hangover craving, or just simply because your favourite bar hasn’t opened yet, it seems it fills all of these voids and more.

all day donuts brunswick review

all day donuts brunswick review

And onto the donuts, but before you raise your hand and ask if they do your favourite flavour, let me just pre-warn you, we’ve been there a few times, and friends have been there a few times, and in every instance, I don’t think I’ve seen the same flavour of donut. Here are a few of the selections that were available when we were there most recently.

2all day donuts brunswick review

Chocolate Icing With 100s & 1,000s ($4.50)

This was a donut, a great one, but a donut nonetheless. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because in comparison to your supermarket variety donut that may satisfy a need for a short period, this thing will probably last your food needs for the day. It’s dense, simple, not at all greasy and how you imagine a donut should be. It’s also incredibly tasty.

all day donuts brunswick review

Jaffa upon Deck ($4.50)

This one has oranges, chocolate (on top) and a jaffa custard centre and like it’s other donut brethren, it’s dense, non-greasy, and incredibly more-ish. If it makes you giddy just looking at it, the sugar levels in this thing will probably push you over the edge. But again, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it’s certainly something you should be aware of.

all day donuts brunswick review

There’s also beer, did I mention that earlier? Perhaps I should have. As well as being a fine establishment for donuts, All Day Donuts also boasts several craft beers. Again, there’s no way you should need this combination, and there’s likely no doctor that would ever prescribe anything that would vaguely resemble this combination, but as a mild-mannered food blogger, I can wholeheartedly recommend this as the way forward … even if considered holistically, it would probably seem more like a backward step for mankind.

Moving outside of the realm of donuts, All Day Donuts also shares its kitchen with Juanita Peaches, a fried chicken and burritos outlet. Owing to all I’ve said previously, our sense of reason outweighed our need for amazingly-brilliant-food-that’s-also-terribly-bad-for-you, and we didn’t partake of the fried chicken this time around. But rest assured, we will definitely return to try it.

In the end, you should most certainly go to All Day Donuts. I’m not saying it would be great for your health, because it wont be, but if you are hankering for a situation where all of your food demons are in the same room, then this is the room for you. So get down there and indulge in what will surely be your darker side – with donuts!

all day donuts brunswick review

all day donuts brunswick review

All Day Donuts

421 Rathdowne Street
Victoria 3056

Telephone: (03) 8060 6664
E-mail: [email protected]

Fr: 8:00am to 3:00pm
Sat: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Sun: 9:00am to 4:00pm

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