AmnesTEA 2015: Upcoming Event

Throughout the month of August, Amnesty International Australia is providing a perfect excuse to show off your baking skills, try a new recipe, or just have a tea party for your friends, with the AmnesTEA fundraiser. The official day for AmnesTEA is Thursday 27 August, however events can be held any time, anywhere throughout the month of August. Ruth Wicks, Amnesty International Australia’s Fundraising Manager put it perfectly when she said:

If you support human rights, this is one of the easiest ways to do it, by gathering your friends or workmates together for a tea party in exchange for a donation for Amnesty’s human rights work.

It’s free to create and register for an AmnesTEA event and to raise money by asking for donations for tea and cookies, sandwiches and cakes. Hosts are also encouraged to invite their guests to sign a petition to support one, or both, of the individuals at risk whose cases are being highlighting through AmnesTEA.

Last year AmnesTEA raised $20,000, and this year they are aiming for $75,000 to support Amnesty International’s human rights work in Australia and overseas.

To find out more or to register to host an event simply visit:

Hosts and attendees are invited to share their event on social media using the hashtag: #AmnesTEA.



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