Be A Foodie With A Conscience With HealthBreak

MELBOURNE | Get great food delivered, and tackle food scarcity in Melbourne with HealthBreak.

HealthBreak is a food delivery service with a difference. You still get meals created by expert chefs and caterers, you still get them delivered to your door, and you still get to make your coworkers envious. The difference? 100 per cent of the profits from HealthBreak goes to supporting Melbourne’s food charities and welfare agencies. In other words, when you eat, someone less fortunate gets to eat too. This is how it works (or will work once the crowdfunding campaign has ended and the required funds have been raised)

  1. Each weekend HealthBreak will post a new weekly menu. You’ll have until midday on Thursday to place your order for the following week’s deliveries
  2. The chefs, caterers and artisan food Mmakers will then get to work to prepare your lunches
  3. HealthBreak will pick up the chilled meals from them in their refrigerated vans and take them back to their packaging operation and prepare your order
  4. On Monday and Wednesday mornings the refrigerated vans will head out around Melbourne delivering to your workplace

This social enterprise, which is the brainchild of entrepreneur Rob Anderson, launched thanks to the ING-Direct’s Dreamstarter award, is homegrown and supports Foodbank Victoria, Second Bite, FareShare, and OzHarvest in their quest to address the problems of food scarcity in Melbourne. And if that wasn’t enough, all meals are delivered free of charge. Here’s an example of a tasty lasagne that was delivered to us to trial the other day.


Beyond food delivery, if you would like to contribute further to HealthBreak you can join their crowdfunding campaign, join their mailing list, or find them on Facebook and make the cause your own. Find out more at the HealthBreak website or the crowdfunding page.



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