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Given the strength of Australia’s craft beer scene, it can be easy to think that we are the rulers of this domain in the Southern Hemisphere, however it is important to remember that long before there was the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS), there was Beervana, and before that… well we

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Beervana is an annual beer festival held in Wellington, New Zealand that aims to showcase the best that the country’s craft brewers have to offer. It runs across 2 days, with over 200 craft beers from New Zealand (and some from Australia) on offer. I attended in 2013 and was so impressed by Wellington and

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Wellington, New Zealand and craft beer go together like Winston Churchill and a cigar, hipsters and sriracha, caramel and salt and… you get the picture. I travelled to Wellington last year for Beervana, which is an annual festival put on to showcase the best of craft beer from New Zealand