Disciple Roasters, Brunswick

MELBOURNE | Disciple Roasters is a coffee roaster and ‘cellar door’, located in the backstreets of Brunswick, just behind Sydney Road. It’s by Marwin Shaw, who has been involved in Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene for over a decade. He’s the guy who started Monk Bodhi Dharma, Admiral Cheng Ho (now Kaede), and Bayano the Rebel.

These days, Marwin’s focus is wholly on roasting, and the Disciple cellar door is the best place to see what he’s doing. It’s a tiny space, and you can watch beans being roasted and coffees being brewed all in the one room.

Only black coffee is on offer, around 15 different beans at any given time. Espresso options are listed on one side of the coffee menu, and filter on the other side. The best beans are sourced from around the world, with Marwin and the team working closely with growers at all stages of the bean to cup process

Cups of coffee range from $5, to almost $300 for the most exclusive stuff. Each bean has a story, and the knowledgeable Disciple team will happily explain what’s going on with the flavours, who the growers are, and the intricacies between the processes used by the farm. It’s really interesting stuff that helps elevate each cup of coffee.

There’s some really interesting stuff happening in the world of coffee at the moment, fruit and yeast fermentation when drying the beans, for example. Disciple is one of the best places in Australia to learn about it, and enjoy some of the best coffee you’ll find anywhere in the world.

There’s no kitchen on site, but if you’re hungry there’s a rotating selection of house baked goods available each day. Biscuits, rolls, slices and the like. Bags of beans, Monk’s Chai, and hand-made ceramic coffee mugs are also available to buy.

Disciple Roasters

16 Black Street
Victoria 3056

Telephone: 0413 546 742
E-mail: n/a

Mon – Sun: 7:00am to 3:00pm



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