Discovering Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula

Melbourne. It consistently tops tables around the world as being one of the most liveable cities on this planet. One of the contributing factors to Melbourne’s popularity is its excellent and vibrant food and drink scene. Melburnians love to dine out and there is no shortage of quality eateries and bars at all price points, offering a range of cuisines from all around the world to satisfy those looking for a bite to eat and a beverage to drink.

Along with the food and drink scene, Melbourne is also famous for the easily accessible escapes that are only a short distance from the city centre. The Yarra Valley, Heathcote, and the Mornington Peninsula are some of the most well-known weekend escapes that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. We are particularly fond of the Mornington Peninsula. It’s only 80 kilometres from Melbourne but feels a world away with its natural beauty, beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, plus some of the best food and drink in Victoria.

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There’s a lot to do in the Mornington Peninsula, here are a few of our favourites.

Visit A Winery

The Mornington Peninsula has been known for its wines ever since the first grapevines were planted there in the 1970s. Historically known for its new world Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the increased understanding of the varying microclimates and terroir of the area mean that the region is now also known for its excellent Pinot Grigio and Shiraz.

With over 50 cellar doors operated by over 200 vineyards, offering a great variety of wine and food, the Mornington Peninsula is a wine and food lover’s paradise. Our favourite is Port Phillip Estate which is set in an architecturally striking building atop a hill, overlooking several of the region’s vineyards. The food served up by head chef Stuart Deller’s kitchen is outstanding, and uses fresh, local, seasonal produce with a technique often reserved for fine dining restaurants.

Visit A Brewery

Craft beer has taken off massively in Australia in recent years, and Victoria is the state that’s embraced it more than any other. Two of Victoria’s best breweries are based in the Mornington Peninsula – Red Hill Brewery and Mornington Peninsula Brewery. Both breweries offer a range of year-round beers plus a constantly rotating selection of seasonal beers and one offs. The focus is on quality ingredients and flavours which are in tune with the back to nature ethos of the area.


Red Hill Brewery is set in an old house with both and indoor and outdoor area overlooking nature, while Mornington Peninsula Brewery is in a giant warehouse shed in an industrial part of town. Both have very different vibes but are similarly fun and welcoming places with great tasting beer and fine food.

Discover The Region’s Produce

There is a lot of produce that comes out of the Mornington Peninsula. The area’s growers and artisans have really embraced the trend towards hyper-local, seasonal, and community based production, and as a result are producing some of the best quality produce and products around. Along with the many cafes and restaurants who source as much of their produce as possible from the region, there are also a number of farms that you can visit to purchase directly from the source. Whether it’s raw honey from 2 Macs Farms, fruit and vegetables from Benton Rise Farm, cheese from Blue Bay Cheese, or sweets from Mornington Peninsula Chocolates. You won’t be short in finding places which to get an excellent feed for the finest foods in the area.

For more substantial meals, two of our favourites are D.O.C Mornington and the Terminus at Flinders Hotel. D.O.C Mornington comprises a pizza restaurant and mozzarella bar, gourmet deli and produce shop, and serves up some of the most authentic Italian food around. The Terminus offers a French inspired fine dining experience with flourishes of North African influences. As much as it’s possible, the ingredients are sourced locally and the results are outstanding.

Whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple, with friends, or are just on a solo retreat, the Mornington Peninsula has all that you need to have an excellent break. If you’re in Melbourne and want to experience one of Victoria’s best regions, then the Mornington Peninsula should be on your list. Of course if you’re not in Melbourne but want to visit, you could always charter a private jet for an extra luxury experience to pop down and say hi.



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