‘Drink Coffee Do Good’ Tomorrow With CafeSmart

Tomorrow, the 7th of August is StreetSmart’s Australia-wide CafeSmart event, where for one day only, participating cafes donate to charity $1 for each coffee sold.

With its motto ‘Drink Coffee Do Good’ this is a great opportunity to contribute to StreetSmart’s programs to help curb homelessness in Australia while at the same time enjoying a great coffee from one of over 400 retailers around the country. As noted by Robinson:

Cafes are such important community hubs that to be bringing the industry together for a day of action to fund homeless projects was such a great fit.

And if coffee wasn’t reason enough, based on a recent audit, for every $1 raised by StreetSmart, the charity makes a social impact of $3.85 through it’s community grants. This means that your morning, afternoon, or evening coffee will not only make a difference to your day, but may help make someone else’s day a whole lot better.

You can find a great map on the StreetSmart website showing where your nearest participating CafeSmart café is located, or you can just look for the bright yellow signs plastered throughout your city.

CafeSmart: Sticker

In addition, by taking photos of the CafeSmart logo at your local café and uploading the photo to social media using #CafeSmart, you could win some great prizes from the good people at Five Senses, Crumpler and JOCO. But be sure to check the competition conditions on the website.

About StreetSmart

StreetSmart Australia is a non-government organisation (NGO) committed to working to support people who are homeless or at risk, and working to end homelessness in Australia. Where possible, donations are fed back to projects as close as possible to where the money is actually raised.

For those who missed it, check out our interview with StreetSmart founder and CEO Adam Robinson.



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