Easy Homemade Ice-Cream Recipe Ideas

RECIPES | Some people only eat it when the weather is warm, but we think that Ice-cream is one of those foods that is great no matter the weather! To celebrate the deliciousness that is ice-cream, we have compiled a list of easy homemade ice-cream recipes. Get your Ice-cream makers ready to churn!

Turkish Delight Cheesecake Ice-cream

turkish delight cheesecake ice-cream recipe

This Turkish Delight Cheesecake Ice-Cream recipe is one of my favorite recipes that I created in 2015. The super creamy rose ice-cream with its little chunks of Turkish delight reminds me of our amazing trip to Iran.

Dark Chocolate and Stout Ice-cream

dark chocolate stout ice-cream recipe

This dark chocolate and stout ice-cream recipe came out of the need to validate the purchase of a ice cream maker. I mean we bought one so now we have to use it right? After creating this recipe we no longer have buyer’s remorse. It’s rich, creamy and utterly satisfying, even non beer drinkers will love this ice cream, which has rich roasted malt notes that balance perfectly with the dark chocolate.

Nicky Schuch’s Lemon Myrtle Semifreddo

lemon myrtle semifreddo with candied rose petals recipe

I know this one may be a little controversial as a semifreddo is not technically the same as ice-cream as it’s not churned. Beside this distinction it is pretty much the same hence we have decided to include Nicky Schuch’s lemon myrtle semifreddo with candied rose petals recipe in our list.

Pear and Blue Cheese Ice-cream

pear and blue cheese ice-cream recipe

This pear and blue cheese ice-cream might sound like and odd combination at first but when you try it you’ll soon realise just how well it all comes together. Inspired by an ice-cream we tried in Portland, Oregon, the beauty of this ice-cream is how the mild blue cheese flavour is complimented by the sweetness of the roasted pears, resulting in a semi-sweet yet savory ice-cream which is great paired with a small glass of muscat or topaque.

Chocolate, Coconut and Cherry Ice-Cream

chocolate coconut cherry ice-cream recipe

This recipe for chocolate, coconut and cherry ice-cream contains beautiful fresh cherries, delicious dark chocolate and shredded coconut to produce an ice-cream rich in texture, fresh and absolutely delicious.



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