Easy Cocktail Recipe Ideas

RECIPES | Looking for drink options to serve while entertaining? Check out our Easy Cocktail Recipe ideas, which is full of some of our favourite cocktails that you can make at home.

Dark & Stormy

dark stormy cocktail

Our Dark & Stormy is a ginger beer based cocktail which uses spiced rum for its alcoholic component, resulting in a sweet, spiced cocktail that’s both refreshing and warming. Perfect any time of the year, but especially appropriate when the weather is a bit cooler but you don’t want a warm cocktail.

Spiced Pear Bitters, Dark & Stormy

spiced pear bitters dark stormy cocktail

This Spiced Pear Bitters Dark & Stormy is a twist on the classic cocktail. Typically this cocktail contains ginger beer, rum and lime, however we add a spiced pear and bitters mixer to give it an additional flavour dimension.

Lavender Cream Gin Cocktail

lavender cream gin cocktail recipe

This Lavender Cream Gin Cocktail is a light, floral cocktail that works best with a gin that has light botanicals. The lavender and honey evoke summer days in Provence, while the egg white and heavy cream give the cocktail a silky, creamy texture. Despite its summer leanings, this is a drink that works well any time of the year.

Gin Elderflower Fizz Cocktail

gin elderflower fizz cocktail recipe

This sparkling Gin Elderflower Fizz Cocktail is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day.

West Winds Salty Dog Cocktail

west winds gin salty dog cocktail recipe

This Salty Dog Cocktail recipe combines grapefruit juice, gin, lemonade and salt to produce a zesty refreshing cocktail.

Honey Bramble Cocktail

west winds gin honey bramble cocktail recipe

Our delicious Honey Bramble Cocktail uses navy strength gin to give it a kick. The perfect pirate cocktail with intensified botanical tones and lifted citrus notes.

Espresso Martini Granita

espresso martini granita recipe

Espresso martinis are one of my favourite cocktails. They’re a little sweet and pack that great coffee punch. I also love frozen treats like granitas, especially on those hot summer days. One day I thought to myself, why not combine the two? This Espresso Martini Granita recipe does just that. It’s tasty, indulgent and refreshing with just the right caffeine hit.

Tokay Whiskey Sour

tokay whisky sour recipe

This non-traditional Tokay Whisky Sour is aromatic, full bodied and very easy to drink. Perfect for a dinner party, an afternoon with friends or a Sunday session.

Coffee, Whisky & Stout Cocktail

coffee whisky stout cocktail recipie

One of the easiest kinds of beer to use when making a cocktail is stout. A good base stout goes well with rich, roasted flavours which compliment the roasted dark malts of a stout. One of our favourite creations is this Coffee, Whisky & Stout Cocktail which, combined with a bit of vanilla extract to mellow everything out, provides a nicely balanced flavour combination.

Four Pillars Aussie Negroni

four pillars aussie negroni

The Negroni is a tribute to the definition of a cocktail: the ultimate balance of spirit, sweet and bitter to stimulate all senses and quench all thirsts, and this Aussie version uses all Australian ingredients.

Don Q Gran Anejo Rum Old Fashioned

don q gran anejo rum old fashioned

The Old Fashioned is one of the worlds oldest mixed drinks. In our version we use Don Q Gran Añejo Rum which provides the drink with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and honey.

Pisco Sour

pisco sour recipe

Created by Victor Vaughen Morris, an American bartender from Utah living in Lima in the early 1900s, the Pisco Sour rapidly became the drink of choice for aristocrats and expatriates living or visiting Peru. This is our version of the classic drink.


frosé frozen rosé slushie recipe

Frosé (or a frozen rosé slushie if you prefer) is a simple yet delicious way to use a bottle of rosé. It is great on a warm day with a plate of cheese, and goes down a treat whenever you have friends over. The only catch? You need an ice-cream maker to do it properly.



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