Tasty Dessert Recipe Ideas

RECIPES| Searching for a delicious way to finish your meal? Filled up on mains and looking to fill up the dessert stomach? These tasty dessert recipe ideas will satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Pumpkin and Meringue Pie

pumpkin meringue pie recipe

This pumpkin and meringue pie is a great way to use pumpkin while it is in season. My recipe is an adaptation of an American classic however it is lighter and not a sweet as you would normally find in the USA.

Fried Milk Custard

fried milk custard recipe

This Cantonese fried milk custard dessert is from China’s Shunde District and has a really unique texture and taste. Perfect for those who want to try cooking something a bit different.

Kaya Pandan Pancakes

kaya pandan pancakes recipe

This Kaya Pandan Pancake recipe is based on kueh ketayap, a Malaysian sweet coconut filled pancake roll. Authentic kueh ketayap calls for juiced pandan leaves, but taken a slightly different approach, and have instead combined kaya (coconut jam) with pandan essence to make a vibrant green yet aromatic pancake.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate with Italian Meringue

red wine hot chocolate italian meringue recipe

This red wine hot chocolate with Italian meringue is a great way to use left over red wine. The indulgent combination of chocolate, red wine and sticky meringue works wonderfully to create one of the most unique hot chocolates you’ve tried. You can drink it hot as soon as you’ve made it – perfect on a cold winters day, or refrigerate it and enjoy it cold in the summer. Either way it’s delicious.

Decadent Chocolate Brownies

decadent chocolate brownies recipe

Our decadent chocolate brownies are dense, rich in flavour and very chocolaty. We challenge you to stop at one!

IPA Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

pale ale churros dark chocolate dipping sauce recipe

This IPA churros recipe with a dash of mandarin and chocolate beer dipping sauce was originally designed to celebrate Melbourne’s Good Beer Week. We tried a few different kinds of beers before settling on an IPA (in this case Pirate Life IPA), which really gives the churros a nice subtle hop kick.

Matcha Crepes with Black Sesame Yoghurt

matcha pancakes black sesame yoghurt recipe

This matcha crepes with black sesame yoghurt recipe is based on a mille crepe cake however we have made this a little lighter by changing the cream for yoghurt and decreasing the amount of sugar. Featuring flavours of Japan, it tastes delicious and you won’t feel guilty eating it.

Chocolate FlapJack Slice

chocolate flapjack slices recipe

These homemade flapjack slices are bursting with nutrients and sources of energy, providing the perfect sweet treat to cub that sugar craving.

Dark Chocolate and Stout Ice-cream

dark chocolate stout ice-cream recipe

This dark chocolate and stout ice-cream recipe came out of the need to validate the purchase of a ice cream maker. I mean we bought one so now we have to use it right? After creating this recipe we no longer have buyer’s remorse. It’s rich, creamy and utterly satisfying, even non beer drinkers will love this ice cream, which has rich roasted malt notes that balance perfectly with the dark chocolate.

Pear and Blue Cheese Ice-cream

pear and blue cheese ice-cream recipe

This pear and blue cheese ice-cream might sound like and odd combination at first but when you try it you’ll soon realise just how well it all comes together. The beauty of this ice-cream is how the mild blue cheese flavour is complimented by the sweetness of the roasted pears, resulting in a semi-sweet yet savory ice-cream which is great paired with a small glass of muscat or topaque.

Chocolate, Coconut and Cherry Ice-Cream

chocolate coconut cherry ice-cream recipe

This recipe for chocolate, coconut and cherry ice-cream contains beautiful fresh cherries, delicious dark chocolate and shredded coconut to product an Ice-cream rich in texture, fresh and absolutely delicious.



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