West Winds Gin Honey Bramble Cocktail: Recipe

RECIPES | With the arrival of Spring and the warmer weather in Melbourne, the team at The City Lane thought it was time to create a series of delicious spring cocktails. We’ve teamed up with Margaret River’s The West Winds Gin to create some delicious, easy to make at home, gin based cocktails which are perfect for a dinner party, an afternoon with friends or a Sunday session.

We’ve made each cocktail to highlight the characteristic of the different gins that The West Winds make. The second cocktail in the series is a delicious honey bramble cocktail using The Broadside Navy strength gin. A word of warning this gin is 58% ABV, yet the strength deceptively well hidden in this delicious cocktail. The perfect pirate cocktail with intensified botanical tones and lifted citrus notes.

west winds gin honey bramble cocktail recipe

Preparation Time: 20 minutes / Serves 4


  • 50ml The West Wings Gin Navy strength
  • 30g orange blossom honey
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 90ml soda water


  1. Place the honey, lemon juice and gin into a glass and stir until all the honey has dissolved.
  2. Add the soda water and mix thoroughly.
  3. Top up the cocktail with ice and enjoy.


If you find this cocktail is a little to strong for your taste you can decrease the quantity of gin used to 30ml or use The Cutlass as an alternative.

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