Eat Now, Melbourne CBD Food Delivery

Melbourne has always been known for its great restaurants, with a huge variety of food on offer across the city and a wide range of cuisines from across the world represented, Melburnians are spoiled for choice. One thing that has been missing however is the ability to order takeaway from Melbourne’s best restaurants. When we visited New York a few years ago, we were impressed that many of the city’s best restaurants had a constant stream of customers coming in to pick up takeaway orders. Great restaurants offering their full menu as takeaway was something that we thought was a great idea and we wished that more places in Melbourne did the same thing.

Fast forward to 2015, and our wish has been granted. Over the past few years, the number of restaurants in Melbourne offering their full menu (or close to it) as takeaway has increased significantly, and one of the businesses that has assisted in making this a reality is EatNow*.

EatNow is one of Australia’s leading online food delivery services and operates in over 4,400 restaurants Australia-wide. In Melbourne, they have an extensive offering, especially for Melbourne CBD food delivery. Whether it’s on the EatNow website or using their app, it’s easy to search for local restaurants, order, pay and pick up your food or get it delivered.

One of the best things about EatNow is that it covers a lot of cuisines so there really is something to satisfy any craving on there. A few of our favourite Melbourne restaurants which offer takeaway through EatNow include.

Shizuku Ramen

eat now melbourne cbd food delivery

Shizuku Ramen offers a range of traditional and modern Japanese menu options for those in the mood for some quality Japanese dishes. Our recommendation is the deliciously indulgent lobster roll with kewpie, salad, pickled carrot & daikon and of course, the signature tonkotsu ramen, which uses a creamy a broth that takes 24 hours to prepare.

The Voodoo Jerk Truck

Hidden at the back of Smith Street Bar Los Barbudos is the Voodoo Jerk Truck and thanks to EatNow you can get the tasty Caribbean-Jamaican inspired jerk chicken that they serve up delivered to your house. Our recommendation is the Island Fried Chicken, which is marinated in a light jerk coating and served with rum-pickled vegetables, preserved lemon, mint yoghurt and chilli sauce.

Izakaya Chuji

eat now melbourne cbd food delivery

Izakaya Chuji is one of Melbourne’s original Izakayas and to this day, is one of its best. The sushi is great and there is an extensive range of Izakaya options on offer, ranging from Karrage to Takoyaki, Tempura to Tonkatsu and a whole lot more. It’s one of our default go to places when eating out in Melbourne’s CBD and it’s great that their menu is available on EatNow.

Meatballs & Sons

As the name suggests, Meatballs & Sons specialise in meatballs using the best quality ingredients. It’s not just traditional meatballs that are offered here, with interesting combinations such as Thai chilli chicken and skewered bourbon-glazed pork sitting side by side with more traditional options. A small selection of other foods are also offered such as burgers, sliders, salads and sides and there is also a small selection of very good desserts to choose from.

The Brass Coq

eat now melbourne cbd food delivery

The Brass Coq opened recently in Melbourne’s CBD and has already generated quite a bit of buzz for its authentic Vietnamese food and great laid back atmosphere. While you might not be able to bring the atmosphere of the upstairs bar home with you, there will be no complaints when ordering from their great menu. The braised pork belly bun and rice paper rolls are a must try.

*This post was sponsored by EatNow.



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