Flat Iron, Covent Garden

LONDON | A good yet affordable steak is hard to find in London, well for me at least. After seeking high and low could the search be coming to an end? Perhaps. Nestled in Henrietta street in Covent Garden, is one of the five Flat Iron restaurants, the brainchild of Charlie Carroll who had a simple mission – to serve quality but affordable steak.

The ultra-contemporary cavernous restaurant has a moody interior while being charming and welcoming. It’s an atmospheric Wednesday night and the restaurant is heaving with steak lovers which reflected the rave reviews I’d been hearing.

The menu is concise and simple headlined with the eponymous Flat Iron steak and at only £10, it’s steak that won’t break the bank. Sides include chips, roasted vegetables and seasoned greens and there’s a brief list of staple beers, cocktails, wines and soft drinks. After being taken through the menu and blackboard specials by our super friendly waiter, my guest opted for the 450g Sirloin Hereford steak fresh from the Scottish shores. I chose the beef burger made from cuts of steak from the Butchery.

The steak arrived, carefully presented on a wooden board. Shiny marbled chunks of finely sliced steak dripping in beef juice and quite frankly I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. It tasted as heavenly as It looked – slightly chewy, insanely juicy and tender. In between mouthfuls of the steak, it was clear that this was not your average steak house. At this point, we had officially fallen for Flat Iron.

And it was about to get better, with the burger becoming the surprising star dish. A large hefty beef patty deep fried in beef dripping and smothered in Béarnaise sauce and shallots served in a warm seeded bun. The tasty combination of the slightly crispy moist beef drenched in the seasoned creamy Béarnaise sauce was nothing short of a delicious masterpiece and I really do hope it becomes a fixture on their menu.

The mains were devoured alongside generous portions of beef dripping chips (I think it’s safe to say the beef dripping is Flat Iron’s second signature ingredient after the flat iron steak) were fried to perfection. So good that we ordered two portions. The cream spinach was a small pool of moreish goodness. Chowing through the rounds of food, we got a real sense of quality at Flat Iron – dishes hand made from the best ingredients, and prepped with care.

As if the flawless service and food wasn’t already through the roof, to top it off you’re given free popcorn all throughout as well a yummy creamy salted caramel ice cream at the end upon showing your receipt.

My verdict? Flat Iron offers the best steak experience £10 can buy.

Flat Iron (Covent Garden)

17-18 Henrietta Street
London WC2E 8QH
United Kingdom

Telephone: 020 3019 4212
Email: [email protected]

Mon – Sat: 12:00pm to 12:00am
Sun: 12:00pm to 11:30pm



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