Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos, Collingwood

MELBOURNE | Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos is a permanent food truck in Collingwood that does a handful of things, very well. As the name suggests, the focus is on Mexican tortas (sandwiches) and tacos.

Owners Todd Vanneste (Weekdays Design Studio) and Stuart Morton (Vacation Coffee), have designed to space to be reminiscent of street side taco stalls in Mexico. For me, the space is very much evocative of the kind of taco vans you find dotted around Echo Park, Los Angeles. A few stools and benches during normal times, all take away during lockdown.

The tortas come in three varieties. Al pastor (pork cooked on a spit), crumbed beef milanesa, and asado mushroom. The tacos, also in three types. Al pastor, asada (charcoal grilled beef), and mushroom. The tacos are very tasty, but the tortas are really where it’s at here.

Fluffy French bread rolls (think banh mi) grilled to order and filled with melted cheese, black beans, avocado (optional), lettuce, coriander, pickled onion, and your choice of meat or mushroom. Order the la pastor torta and you’ll enjoy one of the tastiest sandwiches in the neighbourhood.

For drinks, it’s a similarly simple offering. A handful of Mexican beers, local wines, a few cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks like iced tea, Mexican soda, horchata, and coffee.

Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos

384 Smith Street
Victoria 3066

Telephone: 0447 239 656
E-mail: n/a

Tue – Sun: 11:30am to 3:00pm

Paul founded The City Lane back in 2009 as a place to share photos of his travels around Europe with friends and family. The City Lane might have changed quite a lot since those early days but one thing that’s remained constant is Paul’s passion for food, travel and culture, and a desire to photograph and write about his experiences. Paul has a strong inquisitive nature that drives him to look beneath the surface in order to discover what really makes a city and its people tick, and what better way to do this than over a good meal or drink, with a city’s locals, at places that people who live in that city actually frequent. Paul is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast that may or may not actually be about beer.


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