Free Cheese At The Cheese Please Festival

MELBOURNE | Heard of the Cheese Please Festival? Okay, think of the last time you bought a cheese platter, think of the varieties, the flavours, the aromas. Got it? Now imagine that same platter not in a plate, but as a festival. Now imagine that that cheese is free. Still reading? We thought you might be.

Friday 19 February brings the free (yes, you read right) inaugural Cheese Please festival, a twilight event focusing on the 2016 Australian Grand Dairy Awards Champion products. The samples are free, but the catch is, you need to register and go into a ballot to attend.

free cheese please festival

You’ll also get to meet the producers of the cheese (not the cows) and see their other, lesser non-cheese goods. And on top of all this, there’s also beer and wine, but unlike the toothpicked cheese, you’ll have to purchase that. Finally, there’s a selection of food trucks for if you can’t survive on cheese samples alone.

So, if you’ve begun to insert the word cheese into random songs, think Kylie Minogue singing ‘I just can’t get cheese out of my head’ or Sam Smith singing ‘Stay with Cheese’ then we suggest you register now and get in that ballot. In the meantime, here’s taste (well not literally) of some of the creations we tried that used winning products from the Grand Dairy Awards. So much cheese related goodness.

free cheese please festival

free cheese please festival

free cheese please festival

Cheese Please Festival

When: Friday 19 February 2016, 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: Testing Grounds (just behind the Arts Centre, in Melbourne’s Arts Precinct). City Road, Southbank, Melbourne 3006

Price: Free! (if you’re lucky enough to win a ticket in the registration ballot)



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