Heineken Brings The James Bond Experience To You

MELBOURNE | Ever wanted to live the mysterious high life of James Bond, but without all the bullets and bombs? With Heineken, the longtime sponsor of the 007 film series including the latest entry SPECTRE, you just might get your chance.

Running throughout November and December, the good people at Heineken will be hosting ‘The Catch’, a series of glamorous and prestigious SPECTRE parties in Australia. But, like the actions of the mysterious Blofeld, the villain at the center of titular terrorist organisation SPECTRE (or at least that was his name in old films, but they also had a man using a bowler hat as a weapon, so things may have changed), we don’t know what Heineken have planned, but we’re as curious as you to find out.

Want to be part of it? Head over to http://heinekenthecatch.com.au/ for all the mysterious details.

But if mystery isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for Heineken slabs at your local bottle shop. With every slab, you will get a voucher to see SPECTRE on the big screen. If it’s date night, we suggest picking up two slabs, because you know, it’s romantic.

Heineken’s The Catch

When: November and December 2015

Entry: Free

Where: Signup online for all the details http://heinekenthecatch.com.au/



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