Help Wildlife On The Brink Of Extinction With Edge Pledge

edge pledge

AUSTRALIA | Did you know that Australia has lost 30 mammals since European settlement and more than 1,700 native Australian animals and plants are officially on the brink of extinction? Sam Marwood, an environmental scientist with over a decade’s experience in policy, planning and managing Victoria’s natural environment does and, after years of observing insufficient funding for environment solutions, came up with Edge Pledge.

Edge Pledge is a challenge based online app that helps raise money for wildlife on the brink of extinction by inspiring users to do something ‘out of the ordinary’. Users, or ‘Extinction Fighters’, find 3 unique challenges before getting their family, friends and fans to vote by pledging a donation to see the Extinction Fighter do the challenge they most want to see them do. After a few weeks of voting, the Extinction Fighter then completes the challenge, documents their experience with video or photos, and posts them on their social media to show those who pledged money how they were put ‘on the edge’.

Donations go to wildlife projects run by Edge Pledge’s ten environment partners – which include Taronga Zoo, Zoos Victoria, Mt Rothwell Conservation Centre, Conservation Volunteers Australia and Greening Australia – to help bring 16 wildlife back from the brink.

It’s a fun idea and a different way to raise money for a great cause. To find out more and to get involved visit the Edge Pledge website.



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