Kariton Sorbetes, Melbourne CBD (Online)

MELBOURNE | Gelato is definitely something I’ve been getting my fix of during lockdown, and when I heard about Kariton Sorbetes launching a few weeks back, I knew I had to place an order.

The business has been set up by top Melbourne chefs John Rivera and Minh Duong, who have spent the past few months in lockdown experimenting with gelato.

Kariton Sorbetes is inspired by Filipino deserts, cocktails, and produce, and the ice-cream carts that roam the streets of the Philippines.

Flavours include things like buko pandan (coconut and pandan gelato with pandan jelly, candied coconut, a crispy toasted pinipig (rice flake), ube halaya (ube (purple yam / taro) gelato with ube jam, preserved blackberry, and toasty latik (caramelised coconut curds), and turon (ripe banana gelato with muscovado caramel, sweet jackfruit, candied sesame seeds, and caramelised spring roll wrapper).

I picked up a tub of all three and loved them all. The buko pandan is my pick of the lot, which should come as no surprise given I’m a fiend for all things pandan.

Over the past two weeks, there have been a lot of new flavours created too. I’m already thinking of doing another order and trying the Champorado, a triple chocolate gelato with toasted glutinous rice, topped with fish sauce salted caramel, puffed wild rice, and candied cacao nibs. Fish sauce? In gelato? Like I always say, “trust the chef”, and you know that when it comes to making unexpected flavour combos work, John’s a bit of a wizard.

Head over to the Kariton Sorbetes Instagram page to be updated on flavours and ordering windows. The next window to order is this Friday, and you can do so by flicking them DM.

Kariton Sorbetes

Online Meal Delivery
Victoria 3000

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Mon – Sun: 24 hours a day

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